Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Nibiru? Don't Worry

Fear Mongering Nibiru?


More fake news. People should worry more about actual threats, such as that [posed by the unrelenting and UNSTOPPABLE Fukushima radiation which has already decimated all marine life in the Pacific, and is systematically, though incrementally, killing us all in its path. Half of the North American population will be gone by 2050, all populations on the Pacific Rim maybe much sooner. If you ingest or inhale merely one cesium particle the chances of you getting a life threatening cancer are greater than 50:50. Bookmark this site: netc.com so you understand the problem.

No - don't worry.
Worry is destructive now. 'UNSTOPPABLE' relationships or conditions may yet find transmutation. For some cancer is a nocebic death sentence, but for others a call to centre and align their being in a deeper freedom from fear or concern.
Why bother being free to feel and know our being when we are 'All GOING TO DIE!' ?
Because what you are Now is being you now - whereas all the rest is story of projected fears.
I see a choice between a bunch of thinking and a quality of participance. If there is a guidance and support for Life, I expect to find it one step at a time in Living - and not in (emotional reaction to) predictions based on past conditioning.

You can make a list of 'problems' that can drain your spirit to even focus in - and why exactly would that grow 'understanding'? I invite the yielding up of such 'understanding' to a present willingness to listen - as I say - one step at a time.

Everything is on a 'need to know basis' - so if you (believe you) 'already know' then you wont be listening for anything except your validation. Not knowing - is pregnant, open, fertile, and innately desirous of its nature. Prepare for transition by releasing whatever gets in the way.

Is the fake news entirely fabricated, or pre-seeding something actual in terms designed to sell papers/ads to clickbait and set any interpretation in terms of fear - and the marketisation and weaponisation of that fear?

Live this day well.

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