Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Disease, definitions and denials

Cancer; a metabolic epigenetic disease?

Comment into the above article:

Regardless of the treatment he was given I have a resonance with Dr Hamer’s basic findings includes psychic shock – as expression a biological expression in brain and tissues associated with the nature of the shock – not merely for cancer but as a premise of disease – where what we call disease is generally the body’s process of recovery and rebalancing from the clearing of the condition – and which toxicity, malnutrition and other adverse factors – play a part in the persistence of the clearing conditions as an inability to complete its function – and the composite and re-triggering of shocks that include the diagnosis of death or disabling condition, deep fears for close others and a range of other bedfellows.
The nature of psychic-emotional trauma is so central or fundamental to the human conditioning – and the structuring of our personality or ego – and therefore of our social, political and economic expressions – that it should be no surprise that conventional treatments tend to WAR on symptoms as if they are the disease rather than messengers of a healing process already underway – with which to align.
Likewise germ theory posits an enemy idea to be eliminated, vaccinated against, where such as Beschamps, Gaessner and Lanka illuminate a symbiotic capacity of the biota to produce and clear the necessary structures and functions.
The genetic field needs to embrace epigenetic factoring or it simply posits cause outside of the energetic field of the total body-mind (living reality) to engage in manipulation and struggle in a displacement mapping that distorts and filters out Living Reality.
I would also make clear that what we regard as our mind, consciousness or self is itself a result and manipulation and struggle in a displacement mapping that distorts and filters out Living Reality.
And as I said above – the social and political effect of cultural consciousness defined within a fragmented sense of a denied wholeness.
If you are with me at all the implication is that from a displacement strategy of adaptation within a mind evading terror, our maps may be inverted or reversals of the Living Reality – which cannot be mapped and defined and nor would anyone in their right mind see any call to translate the already perfect communication into forms of a manipulated reality.
The interpretation of messenger as threat of enemy is the motif of the parable of the tenant farmers who presumed mastership while the master was ‘away’ and killed the master’s messengers. Egocentricity is usurping functions to serve a false sense of control against an unrecognized part of self scapegoated as evil and denied or killed.
It is associated as arising from scarcity and a fear of disconnection.
Though I use words to describe – the effects of and witnesses to the pattering of such a ‘mind’ are so pervasive as to pass off as normal and be presumed our nature and therefore the distrust of and replacement of nature with mechanical extensions of manipulative control.
It is my sense that none of us can accept what we cannot open to the belief of. Thus our outer explorations of all that serve health cannot open more than the current capacity to live be. So while false identity can inflate on ungrounded or unlived thinking that poses as belief, an uncovering of the limiting or blocking beliefs is a necessary soil into which healing modalities serve the rising of health – for we do not create life or health so much as extend or radiate and be the embodiment and expression of. The search FOR something can reinforce the belief you do not already have it. But if one takes a moment – life is not a dead concept – and you can find your cause and authority in a Living communication that synchronizes and reflects AS the particular connections or information or relationship that serves your acceptance of and extending of a Gift of living rather than a war for survival.

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