Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Killing the canary in the mine

Hypochondriacs and the placebo effect?

If drugs are not significantly more effective than placebos - AND cause iatrogenic disease (unwanted effects that often elicit further drug applications), then there is a strong case for NOT allowing them to be made available under any marketing of 'health benefit or sickness treatment'. Doctoring of trial data such as was revealed in Eli Lilly's Prozac is endemic to the 'industry'.

The other side of the coin here is the nocebo. To an uneducated and susceptible mind - a cancer diagnosis can kill the patient - and frequently does - helped along with biocidal 'treatments'.

The role of the mind and emotional and physical response is largely airbrushed by a 'culture' that seeks to eradicate, separate from or mask and hide, fears by deceit and manipulation, seen as power over life.

The mind is not merely the surface presentations - but the active underlying subconscious and unconscious filters and distortions to clear focus in being, and beliefs are reality for those who hold them - until those filters are identified and released for a more aligned relationship.

Displacing of psychic-emotional conflict onto the energetic of the physical body is something resisted as if it adds 'blame' to sickness or opens the mind to a deeper conflict that the identity is formed to hide, mask, or eradicate.

This direction of enquiry accounts for the immensely complex and conflicted entanglements of a world to which we seem born in, subject to and die from. And our adaptation to such believed reality then seeks to better manage our sense of protection and control within such a 'world'.

Beliefs are definitions and that which is out of true with who we are - can only generate conflict. The attempt to suppress this is part of personal and social demands that generate equal and opposite reactions. The disintegration of consciousness is a progressive condition in which awakening as consciousness responsibility - reintegrates.

Denied feelings of any kind were so denied by trauma or conflict in the history of the individual, the family, culture or species. Our Future in terms of evading, escaping or eradicating them has 'run out of time' and so a turnaround in awakened responsibility of consciousness is the undoing of the past in the present that releases the future from the past. This restores the creative to its true function - within our awareness and participance. It never stopped being the creative - even when filtered through negative definitions.

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