Monday, 5 September 2016

Unworthiness of Others

archie1954 said: (In a thread on 'conspiracy theory')

I read this article and I cringe because I know that the American public are too stupid to understand how they have been bamboozled. You see the truth laid out for you and you are still too foolish to understand what it means. What in Heaven’s name to you need to lead you to the truth? I'm sorry but Americans deserve to be lied to because they are too dense t even contemplate the truth!

My comment to archie:

Perhaps now you understand how it is that people can treat other human beings with callous disregard for their lives - because they are deemed 'unworthy'.

I see that awakening 'others' is a ruse by which a partial understanding is frozen and blocked from full acceptance.

If your awakening to a true sense of worth doesn't reach or seed in others a like reaction - move on to where you find a more resonant reception - as well as ensuring you are not preaching different from what you practice.

Accepting others where they are at is not possible without a like quality for ourselves. Self rejection is a kind of hate that tends to blame life or others or the past - for its loss of presence. I have a sense that others carry aspects of a wholeness of which I am also integral - and that I can at least start to recognize judgements and underlying fears that formed my personality - in some willingness to regain and share in a sense of worth - rather than fixated in what is 'wrong' with everyone and everything.

If everything is possible to find if we look for it enough - then what we find can also be an indicator of what we are in fact looking for and finding - why we want that is a line of curious discovery.

Ultimately others make choices - as do you - and live the fruits thereof. But as you are becoming aware, many have given away their awareness of choice to a mind that they believe offers at least temporary power and protection against a worse outcome than not obeying their mind would believe (according to their mind's thinking).

The capacity to challenge one's experience is the recognition that perception and interpretation are not revealing a self-evident reality - but are a construct serving an agenda. Believing is seeing the reinforcement or corroboration of the belief.

As I indicated a moment ago on this page - is the call to war a ruse over the call to heal? So as to leave hate operating in your background - running your show - providing you with an identity that is defended against recognizing the need for healing? Then you understand why people are well defended against any incoming threat to their thought system. But in any moment of willingness for communication - seeds of an energetic nature are shared - and then call forth their own process of fruiting in ways relevant to those ones - which may be completely different in form than my own - but share in purpose.

The true teachers are learners and the most alive musicians get out of the way of allowing the music through. The attempt to be a 'someone in our own right' does not endear us to others - excepting they see something to get from or use for their own agenda.

The world you see depends on the mind you see it through. And this is a freedom of choice - even if we think we have had that freedom denied or lost it in an entanglement of deceit. What thought runs in your name? That is your freedom of association. Perhaps it was your sense of a feeling of caring amidst a sense of despair that sparked me to respond to the sense of caring. It is easy to find food for despair when dispirited. But would we rather be right and in miser-y or uncover errors whose correction frees us to joy? Yes - many may persistently 'choose' the first - but where are the witnesses to joy - and where are the messengers sent to find them? If you wait for 'everyone else' - you limit and deny your truth for a sense of 'belonging'. But in taking one step in true willingness - willingness grows perspective in which to see another. I don't ask you to see the forms of unworthiness as different - so much as see from a sense of worth - which brings a compassionate recognition in place of the need to change the world or else!

Of course you can fake it - but that will only bring to you a world of fakes. And of course your 'mind' cant believe such worth is true or open to being seen - because that is the whole deal of mind-control - to cover over the truth so as to assert and impose a personal version. And then we become habituated and conditioned by choosing to prefer our personal assertion of mind to an act of listening response - and define our life out of existence.

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