Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Honesty of being

'Truthiness' and the death of empathy: When truth becomes disposable we are endangered beyond measure
Archbishop Richard Clarke
The Irish Times

My comment:

Only insanity rises from dishonesty of self - a fragmented dissociation in which illusions of true and false masking the wanted and the feared or hated - relative to self image, battle with themselves in disregard of and diversion from the recognition of true. If you don't want the fruits - do not focus there - excepting to break the spell of a negative fascination. See it as it is - and not as it frames itself - and you - to be.

Self-illusion or 'concept-image' accepted in place of true being, becomes a distorting lens and filter through which all else is mistakenly framed or judged so as to reinforce, justify or validate the self-concept or self-narrative.

Acceptance and extension of true worth is not the attempt to 'become' worthy or to assert primacy at expense of others. It is simply honest acceptance of and alignment in true and a release or letting go of false.

False identity in thought brings feelings and experience of conflict, pain and loss - and rage, fear and guilt arising as a result. But regardless of what we feel, THAT we feel, is a core quality of awareness by which to experience and know the fruits of our thought and deed. Conflicted thought, fruits a painful sense of denial and disconnection, yet hides within the protected sense of identity. We do not recognize our own part in attracting or interpreting outcomes to reinforce an already scripted sense of self.

I cannot feel your pain - but I can feel a like resonance within my own being when with another in pain, and abiding with, as compassion of accepting embrace for my own, extends that quality of presence to you - to your free desire and willingness to receive it - not really from 'me' but from the recognition that is your resonance to the communication coming through me. Compassion is truly love.

But sympathy operates destructively in the 'name of love' to confirm another in their pain or limitation by joining in it's validation and projecting a 'victim' sense of invalidity rather than joining in shared willingness for healing, joy or sanity of true perspective.

Basically judging others, embodies loveless intent - even when seeming kind - whereas the relinquishment of the seeming power or right to judge another, allows the recognition of truth in them to open your appreciation and gratitude for them.

The idea of compassion is of knowing thyself rather than throwing the first stone. Look first within - not in self-blame - but in willingness to be shown what is true, rather than persist in asserting a false sense of self-protection at expense of true.

Because the nightmare is revealing itself truly insane, are we called to wake first to that it is not self-protection hate and blame and scapegoat - but self-delusion. And the honesty to our experience of conflicted fear and guilt wakes the direct and unequivocal need for healing. Such need to know is a true desire and not a self-conceit. A true receptivity of listening and feeling in place of self-assertive thinking.

A split off or hidden and denied sense of thinking has 'made' a complex distortion by which the true is obscure and so thinking is not the basis for understanding or revealing its own false premise. But the willingness to recognize another in and as the love that is your self forgot - undoes the impossibly complex entanglement... at the root.

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