Sunday, 18 September 2016

Deceit and Power; the Post Separation Mind

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Tim Groves
and to the thread of conversation at 911-how-it-costs-you-friends

Well said. THAT power of such a nature operates our society - our minds - to distort and dictate the currency and framing of our thought... is marked or openly declared by its acts - not just of terror-hate, but of the replacement of any process of discovery, or accountability to truth with obvious deceit that presumes itself un-opposable and effectively untouchable - as 'gods' over a sub-humanity that is both seen and cultivated to be 'programmable' cattle - to be used and discarded at will. And of course the 'programming' is what we take to be our thought - or give allegiance to in place of our true will.
The tares are part of the roots of the wheat. Pull them up and the harvest is lost. "Too big to fail". Pay tribute for the right to exist. Truth is the first sacrifice to the god of the war-mind - which is another way of saying the split or war-mind is a deceit.

If we have to 'war within our self' to become manipulatable, then being inflamed and fixated in the dynamic of conflict is the 'device' of deceit.
However, the war-mind of 'fight or flight' does not allow release of such polarized and binary reaction - equating it with weakness, loss of control and indeed loss of self. And so nature of this deceit is self-replicating and re-enacting of what might be called 'separation trauma' that are effectively rendered unconscious or 'shadow' power from which the surface mind is 'protected' so as to live out from and within such concept as is held hidden by denials that are accorded some power of protection and some sense of survival from a pre-rational and compulsive sense of terror.

This IS 'Old Religion' - in terms of loss or sacrifice of an INNER communication of true being, to an EXTERNAL sense of power in hope of appeasement or favour to a segregative and separate sense of self. Such external sense of power operates the 'deceiver' - or the willingness to join in deceit.

And for deceit one may also use the term 'as if'. Of running a focus within 'what if' with such intensity and force of desire that it is experienced 'as if' true.
How to set up such focus without somewhere agreeing NOT to know - as a precondition for the experience within what we might call the human conditioning.

Awakening to that 'reality' is not what it seemed or was believed and perhaps trusted to be is disturbing - but desire for truth uses such dissonance rather than being used by it - for whatever masking of strategy or role is enacted, running away from oneself gives power to the mask of false thinking - to the presentation of life in terms or forms of lovelessness, or masked non-acceptance asserting a corrupting spin on truly felt presence.

A false harvest sought power and gains powerlessness. But a true harvest recognizes what is true and shares it as truly moved. Instead of seeking to make a weapon of truth against the feared and hated  -which is the 'back door' to such influence to 'use your mind' lovelessly. Self-righteousness is a false friend. One cannot truly 'join' in hate. But the wish to draws upon the power of Mind for witness of support and reinforcement. It operates a vibrational resonance of a jamming signal to Communication, upon which false gods 'lord it over' Life in apparent reversal of the Law. As if what you give away is actually got rid off, rather than multiplied in returned receipt or 'harvest'. As if what is gotten or taken for self is kept rather than lost to an evaporation that can never satisfy and so can only enrage a sense of denial that grows on a sense of being deprived its right.

Special hate survives a sense of seeking special 'love' in conditional 'contracts' - but the nature of true worth is not separate self-seeking so much as the exploring and unfolding discovery of unique qualities of being - that are both gifted of and gifting into the whole - as who you truly are. Only self-honesty can restore what self-deceit thought to have thrown away and ESCAPED! Re-cognizing is to know again or indeed to know anew - what was falsely confused or mis-took for something else and identified AGAINST. Be willing then to question Everything in the light of a genuine desire for sanity of being - for such desire is the stirring of willingness that cannot be wholly eradicated - because it is part of who you could never escape being - however covered over and defended against.

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