Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Guilted identity politicking

Theresa May slams 'disgusting' growth of anti-Semitism in Labour as she accuses Jeremy Corbyn of turning a 'blind eye' to racism in his party

Is Jewish 'identity politics' the cleverest mind-capture of many of the cleverest people as reinforcing self-specialness whilst propagating fear of 'others' all turning upon them for no reason but 'race' hate?
Are 'others' so easily guilted or baited to division and compliance under the 'politics of guilted fear'?
This kind of politicking operates enormous influence in every aspect of guilt-defined societies, as a general subservience and compliance to a corporately driven state - that is itself merely a regional aspect of a globalism masked as 'Trade' deals by which clever lawyers use clever laws to remove any remaining true sovereignty of Will from peoples and nations.
There is always a reaction to feeling coerced and deceived - and that may not be 'clever' enough to articulate more that hating being denied one's humanity even while tricked into doing it to oneself. But my points are not a focus in race or power class operating any such 'identity', but upon mind control vs true Will

I had separately written the following recently which has resonance so it is here for anyone's interest:

... correlated psychic trauma with brain and body symptoms – and while not the ‘whole truth’ is a significant perspective in my opinion.

Viewing the mind and its corresponding ‘world’ of the lie and the father of the lie – as exclusively the focusing intent and act of 'the Other' – gives rise to the fear, distrust and hatred of the 'Other' – that leads to a terror and impotent rage – OVER AND AGAINST which – is a fragmented and dissociated ‘consciousness’ that seeks power and validation BECAUSE its foundation is both a loss of power and an invalidity or lie.

I hold for the re-wakening to a nature that is powerful without having to oppose or lord it over anything, and extends validity or true witness and recognition by nature – free of deceit.

The catch22 perhaps is that guilt or denied and excommunicated ‘evil’... is the device by which consciousness splits as the fragmenting dissociative sense of trauma that then defines and sets a narrative continuity of linear progressive time – as the only possible consciousness exploration of experience. One might call it a mind trap – but pause and consider… can what mind IS be changed and trapped or subjected by its own thought? That we have such narrative experience is attesting to the shared matrix of belief – but not to the true nature of consciousness itself.

The mind of fragmentation in displacement and dissociation is a ‘checkmate’ to its own attempts to power – and I believe this is so for any mind that seeks it at expense of another – regardless the temporary roles played out. No matter how much energy and ingenuity is invested in defending and illusion – it can never become true – nor abide in truth. And so the wish for power is makes its own 'truth' upon the 'death' or denial of true. The lie and the father of the lie.

Something True must first exist and be known to exist in order for a a fake copy to be made – or indeed must precede the denial and dissociation of such a substitution.
War against evil is an entirely different purpose than releasing evils uncovered in ourself - rather than guilting and manipulating the self. 'War upon 'evil' operates the primary deceit by which our own correspondences are kept hidden. How quick the mind to throw the first stone!

I don’t say this to bring blame on the perceiver – or exonerate unacceptable behaviour in others – but to first accept correction in our own minds – from which – or rather through which a clear perspective is lived and shared.

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