Friday, 2 September 2016

Defining Life into death

Human race being terminated by 'scientific suicide'

What is the true meaning (of anything) and what is the accepted currency-meaning?

Science embodies a willingness to uncover the already true - through the study of phenomena. But the corruption of science hides beneath a mask of 'scientism' which is belief driven and operating power struggle in attempt to define and control the narrative - whilst also owning and controlling key leverage within dependencies real or artificially contrived - such as regulatory monoploy of 'health care'.
The restoration of true definition and therefore currency of communication and meaning - is called for - and not the false flagged fighting of patsies, proxies and scapegoats.
Look to the true alignment within the movement of being that identifies you truly - rather than as dictated by the false 'take' of a fear-driven misidentification.
Being truly present is a free willingness for greater perspective in which, as which and from which to uncover true recognition in place of false or partial definitions.
There is More to be embraced than our current concepts, beliefs and definitions allow - and also there is the release of self concept TO Embrace within a truly aligned extension of being.
Ego-centricity is self-concept given acceptance and assertion - resulting in denial of a real relational communication. Yet it operates beneath a mask of seeming communication - for it has no presence of its own. It has to induce you to sacrifice yours to then confer a power of self-specialness by which you are then compelled to seek validation.
Yet your created being is already true in movement, and awaits acceptance in place of a rejecting denial that projects itself onto 'others' so as to believe it is denied at the hand of another - and hate the 'other' in whatever forms it seems to manifest.
Hate is destructive - no matter how 'sanctified' by scientific or any other association.

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