Thursday, 18 August 2016

Media Hate

Guardian: “yes media is weighted against Trump” because he’s “rubbish”

Balanced journalism can be performed without the distortion of identity politics or personal opinion. The latter can be ventured openly as opinion.

The attempt to control the narrative IS identity politics aka mind-control - and the remedy is to be truly identified within an honesty of being - rather than engage in a struggle to assert or impose a supremacy of identity that has no basis in fact but works to undermine the worth and power in others so as to trick them into a false framing in which their identity is managed and directed by narrative control.
The uncovering of such a false sense of identity needs to be linked to the desire for true - rather than fed to the triggering of hate and rage - which may feel self-righteous - but is no less owned and directed.

Whatever Trump can be seen to be in himself or in political implications in the event of coming into office - there is a break in the narrative consensus that is thereby revealed AS narrative control - and all kinds of issues that have been denied communication are finding some sense of voice. This is also true of Corbyn. In the sense of narrative control he is not supposed to be in any kind of power position. While the way in which these events have occurred is very different and the kinds of approach contrast starkly - the shift that occurs in perspective as a result of this 'break' in the narrative' is an opportunity to see more of what was hidden and use that to serve a similar shift in one's own consciousness. For the narrative control starts at home.

Giving true witness is a way of noticing and relinquishing the distortions of hate. The hatred being directed against Corbyn by the 'establishment' is unable to disguise itself. Yet it is not Corbyn himself that triggers this so much as Corbyn's willingness to align with and represent the people who he feels as the basis of any power he may have for bringing a more human sense of solidarity and sanity -  in place of a top-down power class to which one is expected to sell out or align with in order to survive or avoid significant penalty.

The idea of opening relationship in which honest communication arrives at honouring outcomes is inconceivable to identity manipulation - and heretical to a false sense of a right to power over others - by guile.

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