Thursday, 15 September 2016

9/11 How it costs you friends

Ofguardian article:
9/11: How it costs you friends

The human psyche tends to be polarized against perceived evil in desire of survival - and validation.
When such narrative shifts occur as 9/11 occurring with insider support or connivance the experience is of mind-breaking disturbance whereby those associated with 'protector' become associated with terror threat. This is a reversal of forms but still operating the same polarisation against perceived and believed evil.
With the official narrative operating as persistent blanket assertions - along with refusal to listen or engage in anything but a war of words - these also shift from protector to predator - along with various insider organisations and power lobbies. In this sense 9/11 is a more effective terror act than that of destroying buildings and 3000 people - along with setting off war and terror in various parts of the world.
In Potter-myth-speak it could be translated as Voldemart is back and 'He' who cannot be named for fear of attracting and inviting terror is energetically operating as a tyranny of the mind regardless the postures and masks. Unless of course you care not to be terrorized into impotence.

Terror is the splitting tool from which minds are raised in search of 'identity' - which can then be 'guided' or manipulated to conform - at least in terms of presentation. But the fact is; being forced to dance, cannot but mimic joy - being hollow. Hollow World of Soulless mechanism operates the anti-life belief that life is evil and must be either controlled, suppressed, denied or replaced with mechanism.

Regardless of any overt Christian belief, some feel the denial of their truth a turning point from which they cannot hide or pretend it is ok to participate in - and so they have to break from their social identity and have to engage in a search for Meaning rather than provided narrative meanings in support of a meaninglessness.
But fixation or fascination with evil under the guise of trying to force the truth on anyone else is neither truly helpful or focussing in the true - being negatively defined.

Jesus taught love of truth. he also suggested discerning between the realm of worldly power and the realm if truly felt and shared Meaning - such as to withdraw the allegiance of the heart from that which is mere presentation over an aggressive assertion of power. I don't write of him to promote Christianity -  but his examples in relationship to deceits are - I find - more than instructive in illuminating inner recognitions that apply no less to anyone who recognizes truth as integrity and begins to live from it - rather than being negatively defined over and against perceived and believed disintegrity in others - as if the thereby gain a temporary existence without overtly breaking with or challenging the underlying beliefs that gave the mind its sense of separate sense of power and control - for this is what it is always about; deceit, power and control agenda - in association with survival instincts that override or operate from beneath any rational capacity.

Perhaps friends were formed on the basis of mutually reinforcing identities - and what is shared and lived is not negated if one can no longer operate within them. I feel we have to make a new sense of other as well as of self - when transformative events call us out of the closet. The practice of staying on-purpose and being vigilant against the ad-hominem or indeed victim narratives is part of uncovering aspects of mind that were un conscious but are being un-done as a result of bringing into a conscious willingness for truth - which is first and foremost a matter of self-acceptance - else all manner of spanner clogs the works.

Discernement as to when, who and how much to say to anyone else is part of listening and reading the willingness in them - through one's own. if another asserts something that silence would be complicit endorsement of - then it may be enough simply to voice that that is not my view - and if I am then asked what my view is, I need to feel if that is ammunition seeking and defence restating or in fact a willingness to listen. If a loneliness sways me I may reach for a 'friend' and find an enmity or blanking. We cant use others for our needs just because they used to.

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