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Vaccine Religion

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 Jon Rappoport on Vaccine news the mainstream wont publish

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Pseudo religion or magical belief, operates a sense of power over or against judged ‘evils’. Jon focuses on exposing or countering ‘power-priesthoods’ but the doing so may give reinforcement to powerlessness.
Manipulative intent can only leverage fears and guilts already active within our own (and our cultural or collective) self-beliefs – albeit mostly in ways that are rendered ‘unconscious’ – and defended against exposure by every kind of device.
The underlying psychic and emotional beliefs of a fearfully defined sense of self. life and world, are not resolved or corrected (healed) by displacement  onto physical manipulations. But the belief and wish for the power to do so, gives power to external agencies while undermining one’s own core sense of being.
Choosing to persist in a false sense of being must use coercion and deceit to maintain itself – and this can only generate a dissonance of being, with a sense of disconnect or separation from the feeling of being – which is infinitely rich as the core qualities of existence and yet is ‘lost’ or ‘fallen from’ as a result of inner conflicted sense of self.
The ‘sinner’ or conflicted guilt-driven self, judges itself unworthy of love’s wholeness as a radiance or joy of being and seeks to escape the ‘punishment’ or consequence by partial sacrifice. This may be displacement onto others, to conditions or to one’s body.
The ‘religion’ of denial and sacrifice of true being, has become hard-wired as the primary defence by which to persist a sense of power ‘over’ life rather than ‘lose’ such a sense of self to conflicted fears given power by the very act of attempting escape.
True power of life operates resonance of communication and synchronicity – but when fear attempts to gain power over the feared – or power to hide from fear – the sacrifice of true witness and communication is fed to support a ‘narrative control’ identity, of a split-mind of masking presentations of shifting identities.
The forms change but the underlying conflicts of a breakdown in communication remains unchanged, un-addressed, un-owned and unhealed.
Covering inner conflicts with forms of presented displacement allows a dissociated identity to play out until the failure of such forms to keep the conflict from awareness brings either more form-shifting and sacrifice or an awakening responsibility at the level of cause – rather than identity in symptom-struggle.
The complexity of entanglement in false thinking cannot be overstated. I have essayed a sketch of what I notice by its symptoms and by the revealed underlying patterns of identification and belief with which they are associated.
One of the aspects of sacrifice as ‘escape’ is that of a death wish – and this includes the desire to eradicate the hated or rejected – as the Others – as a way of denying such hate within.
The ‘Trojan’ deceit hides in one of the foundations of ‘religious scientism’ – as the wish to be the bringer of light and power over evil and darkness – in this case ‘infectious disease’. Self-specialness is corrupted – for the natural response of answering a call for help is not self-conscious or contrived.
True power undoes corruption and restores communication. But in current human terms, this feels more like relinquishing of what we assign as power so as to fully align in the true of our being. This demands no sacrifice of what we are to be Itself – and witness through us. Yet an investment in power will ‘see’ only threat to itself and break off communication, support and healing so as to play out its version of dominion and defiance.
(In response to SD in the comments):
I believe you are almost certainly correct. There are negative synergies or pathways of destructive influence where it is hard to assign total responsibility to one event or agent.
I have read in various sources that ‘polio’ persisted but generally under other diagnosis – because ‘polio has been eradicated by vaccines’ and so any occurrence must be ‘something else’ – excepting in countries denied development who are felt to benefit from our ‘AID”.
Whereas many in the ranks believe their cause – I cannot escape the conclusion that those at the top are aware of the destructive effects of their actions, products and services, such as to be either callous to the extreme or intentionally working destruction.
I generally address the underlying psyche – because unrecognized hate operates negative pathways of thought and social structure in much the same way as our world reflects in tangible materiality.

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