Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Are events orchestrated or not?

US Domestic Tumult – Orchestrated or Not?

Comment into the above article:

Attempt to control the narrative may not 'orchestrate' events so much as perceptions and 'received' normalcy of reactions.
If you look at your own consciousness it includes a running commentary of 'self-justification' that operates  a sense of continuity and control that  may be more of a 'virtual reality' than actual events and actual control.

Outer 'reality' can only reflect what our defined meanings allow.

Opportunism can lie in wait when the often predictable reactions of those who are locked into narrative identity, result in being open to manipulation or even willing alliance.

But the value system by which opportunity is recognised as such is dependant on its goal.

I see and use an opportunity right here and now, to illuminate the link between the mind or consciousness of the individual, and the reality 'subscription' - which may also operate like the set frequency of the tuning device and the channel received.

How much do we participate in strengthening the idea of elite power cartels by  assigning then or reacting and speaking as if they 'orchestrate' our world?

Admittedly the downstream effects of regulatory cartel monopolies don't require us to first know the means by which a loveless intent manifests as destructive outcome in which we or others like us are denied their core humanity.

But learning the devices of manipulators and deceivers incites hatred (of them) and a pervasive distrust of humanity - whose redeeming features then seem to be in vengeance for wrongdoing and elevation of the capacity to be denied, wounded and rendered unfree - as the basis for a struggle of powers.

I write this to invite reflection. Do we or can we 'orchestrate' our own lives? Even amidst all the issues, conflicts and limitations that arise in our day, our society, our world - but also our current moment of freedom to at least choose how we will see or interpret whatever is 'going on'.

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