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Hate Persona and blame

An article entitled:
Acknowledging My Own Racism in the Era of Trump

Self-hate, denied fears and denied denials manifest in all sorts of reflections.
That then reinforce themselves as a triggered 'identity'.

Our true identity is not really manufactured but arises within a relational experience.

But the masking persona asserts an identity made upon someone else's loss or in projection of self-lack or self-invalidity onto the Other. A loveless sense of such a self uses hate and fear objects to justify and validate itself - as if to protect and thus 'love' itself.

It also uses the hate and fear of owning up to hate and fear feelings and acts as a basis to make narratives of collective reinforcement for collective 'identity'.

If a description of a mechanism becomes a HATE term for personal agenda - such as 'racist' - then such an invested persona diverts and blocks further curiosity or illumination of what is actually operating in place of a recognition and acceptance.

The investment in persona and personified 'reality' is the apportioning and validating of BLAME - by which to invalidate Other and hide a sense of self righteous in the judge.

Humanity has a deep self-hatred that inevitably projects to reflect a hateful sense of existence - and the layers of self that are made to mask and cover this hatred are defended as if our very self. But they operate divisively and towards a fragmented and segregative sense of self.

When we meet that which we hate or have masked feelings of hate toward - we are in touch with aspects of self that are beneath or in some sense upstream of the persona.

The attempt to eradicate or overcome hated or feared 'evil' in oneself is the very means to fix it and keep it as  the unconscious lens through which to seek a PERSONAL validation.

Jesus warned against this - but once self righteous blame is invited in and used as 'power' - a reversal operates in consciousness that defends itself against exposure - in your name.

The above was also posted into an article on 'the psychopath next door'
I received a response from eyesoftheworld:

this makes very little sense. word salad.
I tried reading this again and again... all I get is that you believe that 'humanity' has self-hatred. That might just be YOUR projection. It is apparent that you yourself have not personally encountered a psychopath. Pity. Maybe then you would understand. Or maybe not....

When Communication seems to fail

Thankyou for your honesty and your willingness - but I also thankyou for not choosing to make a hate object of what you do not currently resonate with or recognize as your own understanding.

The mind can be a deceiver. Indeed it can point and shout deceiver! so as to become invisible in its ruse while attention focuses on others.

A true humanity is lost to self-hatred in one guise or another - and so a corrupted humanity is led to believe it is where it is not and believe it has or is escaping. Hate is a strong term. The masking of personality and society is to make life bearable amidst the fears and threats of lovelessness - be they interpersonal or intra personal. And so there is a very heavy defence against  - and avoidance of feelings and conflicts that we find hateful, horrible or terrible - and understandably so. BUT this means we are controlled and manipulated interpersonally as intra personally by an auto-defence system that shuts down, hides from or blocks what we do not want to meet in ourselves or others.

In effect we give our power away to whatever turns up to help us not be overwhelmed by our fear or any feelings of like kind such as rage or heartbreak. This may be apparently positive protectors - or protections that are felt positive because they numb or divert or limit the symptoms.

Whether this reaches your understanding or not, my thanks to you. And I trust that we each and all find what we need when we need it - and are willing to accept it. If we hate the hater - we join in hate and strengthen it. But if we feel the hate and own what is ours - then we are no longer controlled by it and a process of release and recognition is accepted.

You cannot release another of their responsibility to accept the true of themselves - but you can be a witness and of service to such willingness. Blame is hate. Blame is projected guilt. Extreme blame can judge humanity unworthy and withdraw any feeling connection or communication and simply exploit others without any sense of them being other versions of self - excepting perhaps as weaker and unworthy versions of hate - which is simply power to the willingness to wield it.

The eyes of the world are trained by the mind of the world to see only as it directs and allows. In-sight is before and beneath the world - it is upstream relative to the definition and perception of a world. When the two are one you are looking within as you look upon the world - how is this possible? Consider that this is already the truth but that the mind is used to achieve the impossible of making the out-sight seem totally independent and powerful in its own right. The word is 'seems' but the addiction to such power is evident - whether it is our everyday world or the extremes of deceit and denial that bring misery and destruction to our world.

No one has to live another's life - and no one else can live yours. But if you use the mind to seem to be what you are not - then in effect you are inviting something 'else' and believing it - while you want it.

The simple metaphor would be that once you have your virtual reality helmet on - you cannot hear or understand anything said to you because the experience it opens is of an upside down and back to front orientation. I don't ask you to believe this but merely to be willing to question your 'reality' and the beliefs that support it and perhaps the fears that support the beliefs. One step at a time as your own curiosity and desire guide you and not because there is something 'wrong' with you - but because you feel something 'right-feeling' or true is being denied - that is part of you and worthy of inclusion and acceptance instead of being denied or 'hated'. And so you may meet the negative - but in the context of the truly positive it is transformed or undone of any seeming power over you. To feel the fear but do it anyway can be to change it from a 'stop' command to a vigilance to stay present and attentive to need being met. This transforms because the chosen purpose transforms. Not as a righteous war on evil that only feeds it.

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