Friday, 30 December 2016

Constructs within Consciousness

In Response to:

 CIA Consciousness – by Jon Rappoport

To what degree is the ‘CIA” (and similar reflections) operating a faithful feedback loop to your own attempt to define and control ‘consciousness’ – which then results in some form of construct within Consciousness – through which your experience of being – is primed through such definitions as ‘control’ and its flip-side of ‘controlled’?

Consciousness is a focusing within IDEA that includes the capacity to split focus within conflicting Idea. Whereas the recognition of being through Idea, operates expansion, the non-recognition of being within self-conflicting concept, operates limitation and loss.
The non-recognition of being is the result of WANTING to see something ELSE and believing your own distortions true. Just as the presumption of ‘knowing’ blocks the direct knowing of a truly Creative Relationship.

The psy-op IS the computer-program invoked to support and maintain a false sense of self OVER and AGAINST all else. Any investment and allegiance to such a focus generates its own sense of necessity in maintaining and defending such focus – as if one’s personal survival.
The mind being used as a defence against truth is a conceit or self-deceit – but that does not change the innate FUNCTION of what Mind Is – which is to attend or give focus to RECOGNITION of worth. If we elect to give worth to that which is unworthy of our true being – then we give support and attraction to what we don’t want while professing to be opposing or countering it.
Definitions and beliefs operate ‘reality-as-perceived’ while we operate within their operating system rather than relaxing from such entanglement to notice from the Field Awareness of being Itself.
At some level – if the entanglements are being persisted in rather than resolved back to their true desire – then they represent the current choice as to how to experience All That Is – though such filters as bring exactly such experience and alignment.

Illuminating the mechanism of the construct within Consciousness can awaken the stirring of Consciousness in others by resonance, of invitation and alignment. But attempting to use guilt and blame to leverage others into ‘awakening’ teaches they are NOT free to simply accept and align through their own recognition. Teaching UNfreedom as a means to ‘gaining freedom’ is the nature of the trap – and not the way to create out of an already freedom. Entanglement in ‘changing others’ works against a true witness – as if to grow ‘mindshare’ is to become more real.

If capital C Consciousness is given true witness – rather than dealing in conceptual references of reduced or fragmented sub-sets – then the quality of knowing one’s existence expands to a whole You-niverse of what might be called a subtler communication of Felt Being. The trade of Soul-awareness for a world in which to play out a sense of struggle that grows from the loss of true power by investment in the false – is not made in the past – but can be un-covered as a present choice operating – and thus a different choice remains available – to you, the chooser.

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