Thursday, 18 August 2016

Psychosis and coercive medicine

Do doctors rely too much on drugs to treat mental health problems?

If anyone is interested in something I find addresses this issue very positively it is the 'open dialogue therapy' - and a youtube search brings various results.

On the other side of the spectrum I also see that the cultural narrative of 'western developed nations' - and hence globalism - has been corrupted by corporate cartels of financial and energy monopoly - who have used their considerable influence to shape and control the narratives within which we think, live, work - and do science. The linkage between the corporately captured or controlled state regulatory system and the official medical models that are thereby protected against other perspectives that are seen as rival or threat to the revenue stream and societal control, is whitewashed, airbrushed and protected by all the psychological defences that can be looked up online and recognized as part of the human personality structure. Systematized and deliberate insanity operates a trojan deceit through many who believe what their education has instilled in them as true. But the inclination to believe it is targeted just as advertizers and politicians target specific fear seeking protection, or indeed desires for self-specialness. Yet it is more 'disturbing' to uncover a false narrative than to conform within its dictate - hence evasion is also targeted heavily with a wide range of 'medications'.

I also appreciated reading 'Anatomy of an Epidemic'. Our 'defences' do the thing they claim to protect from - and become entrapments to 'perpetual war' management. If fear is too great then of course consider way to make a space in which some degree of self-responsibility can be recognized and grown - and drugs can be part of this.

Meanwhile the list of disorders grows and whatever life remains is medicalized, marketized or weaponized - all for our protection of course. Look up 'open dialogue'.

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