Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The unacceptable face is kept hidden

The real unacceptable faces of capitalism
By: Merryn Somerset Webb at moneyweek

My comment to the above:

Why give focus to the personae when the underlying ills are a logical result of laws passed and accepted. Laws by which corporations are given 'personal' rights without corresponding responsibilities. Laws by which private banks come to own and effectively control any flavour or face of political 'power'. Laws by which corporations are compelled to asset strip and 'outsource' pain, misery and degradation of our experience of Life on Earth - excepting themselves as the privileged elect and believing themselves superior and powerful enough to disregard the lives of others - and anyway "it's always been this way and there's nothing you can really do about it except make sure your own interests are 'protected'".

What law is for society, accepted beliefs and definitions are for the individual - and work as a template of persona and world-view from which to operate. When confusions of obvious insanity rise to a surface awareness there is a call to look beneath surface appearances and identify what does not belong in the template of our focusing - or indeed of our devotions. Sweeping out the 'moneylender from the Template' is not primarily a political activism but a matter of individual housekeeping. And from a true foundation, we can bring a true witness to our collective housekeeping - for at its most basic level, that is what our political society embodies; how do we arrange or organize our selves and our lives in a human experience that has much in common whilst embodying a great diversity?

The 'win-lose' mindset operates differently from the 'win-win' willingness. This segregative or integrative polarisation marks the difference regardless of the face or form of the system, political or otherwise. If beneath appearances and shows of 'Power', is only a fear of loss - then where is the power to live and love, grow and learn, discover and appreciate?

Investing our lives in a fear of loss driven system is seeking power and protection in terms defined by fearful and self-invalidating conditioning. False investment doesn't only increase indebtedness and indenture to the false - but costs the recognition, appreciation and gratitude for the true - for what truly embodies and fulfils the desire of living that goes forth to multiply or magnify a true sense of worth and wealth - and whose cup flows over as a matter of course. Misery is miser-y. Breaking siege is letting fresh perspective into a painted corner from which no escape is conceivable.
Worth and wealth have to find a timing and a way to embody - regardless the 'siege mentality' - because the world we meet will reflect where we are coming from. I don't suggest this can be manipulatively exploited - but that one doesn't grow a new habit by framing it in the old habit.

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