Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The illusion of freedom is laid bare

The illusion of freedom is laid bare. Do as you are told - or else...
Journalism is discouraged and directed narratives pretending to be journalism, assert State power.
Governance is also discouraged and powerful lobbies operate illusions of governance through capture and use of law as a weapon against the supposed charter of the Law as a servant for all.
Who are the puppet masters? Are they private banks instituted and protected by law under the guise of 'protecting the Economy?' Are they also those who worked to bring about the events by which 'economies' need such 'protection?' Are they also puppets of deceits and coercions that then become their 'currency' of exchange and communication?
Operating as trans-national corporate entities in cartels of regulatory protected control over populations with less and less check or balance to stripping out profit from increasingly destructive 'services'.
The evil that works through so many apparently protective, benign or necessary services is US - and I don't mean U.S.A I mean All of Us and each of us in particular configurations of denial and dishonesty.

However I appreciate your outrage being turned somewhat to communication. In the light of what I wrote (and feel) - I look to use felt rage to more truly align myself - for I see that hate feeds the very thing I say I want rid of.  So I have to find in myself what I hate in others - and choose consciously what I give energy and investment to. And come from there - not from a sense of being denied or failed by others. Not everything BBC is crap - one has to discern - rather than extending blind trust to an institution or leader or system of idea. Blind trust is a contractual neglect of accountability. I tried getting my world just right - but it keeps changing...  ;-)

In reply to:

Here are a few questions to be put to the following BBC journalists (Laura Kuennsberg, Mark Urban, Evan Davis, David Dimbleby, JO Coburn):

Who pays your salaries?
Do you believe that ‘he who pays the piper calls the tune’?
If so, to whom do you owe your blatant contravention of impartiality during the EU debate? It clearly isn’t the license payor, is it……?
If MPs behaved the way you have in terms of flagrant dereliction of the BBC charter, do you think you would be calling for their resignations?
Do you think you should all resign not just from the BBC but from journalism?
Do you believe that your role as journalists is to be MI6 sock puppets manipulating citizen democracy for the benefit of unaccountable elites?
If so, why should your pensions from the BBC not be cancelled and you all thrown on the streets as penniless as we can make you after you have been feeding at the troughers’ trough for decades??

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