Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Alight in a joy of resonance or struggle in the dark

Here is a response to my writing that represents losing heart...

...while your writing is obviously from the heart, and may be true or even tangentially relevant to each topic you rely on, the length and meandering nature of your text means many including myself, find ourselves lost before the end.
This results in, sadly, tl;dr.

To Headrush69:

No call to be sad - are you really sad? Or am I a bit interesting but then again frustrating and that then feels a sense of loss of what perhaps you hoped for?

Perhaps you operate a set of rules that are setting an agenda? They may be useful and worthy rules, but they can rule out what doesn't conform to them... You may simply jump to the end - and alight as you are interested or moved.

Does anyone suffer not reading what I write?  I have a sense that to grok any part may hold a significance that might be enough to abide with and feel into - it isn't coming from a store of ideas and isn't seeking storage. However, I am not writing in a vacuum - and I appreciate your response.

I share what interests me to a similar willingness.  I believe what is transpiring is and will be mind-breaking - in the sense of our model of the world and therefore of course our definition and experience of our selves.

If you recognize the mind is the resource that for the moment we might say is being hacked and 'controlled' or engineered by 'elite' manipulators, then there is a basis to be more curious as to what is actually going on in our minds - not as theories of mind that transform nothing - but as direct observation - in the act - so to speak.

Without looking in AND out at the same time - we are half wits - like golems to be herded and milked by those who pharm them.  My sense is that many are as resistant to looking within as the 'elites' are of transparency and accountability - in other words the model is not so different - and it is that kind of linkage that the materialist does not want to see - as if mind means "Private Keep Out" - and its thinking operating a jamming signal - at least when meeting something that doesn't conform...

I appreciate the various inputs into these conversations. There is a witness here to a desire for an integrity of information amidst a world of lies.

Is Brexit a ruse to destabilise UK and/or EU? - Well very similar things have happened all around the world. Everything and anything is weaponized; full spectrum dominance. What for - one might wonder. Power! But what for I might ask.

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