Thursday, 4 August 2016


How competitiveness became one of the great unquestioned virtues of contemporary culture
by William Davis

I commented into the above from the perspective on our core identification in a fearful sense of seeking that is inherently competitive - even in its group identities of negative cooperation.

The core separation trauma that is common to our 'entry' or focussing into the human condition (ing) is a loss of identity, in terms of loss of a sense of intimacy of being that in various ways embodies as abandonment and betrayal, and a feeling of being denied love and power, resulting in a fragmented and conflicted sense of disconnection and distrust over deeper rage and terror.

The rallying in self-concept or self-image is an attempt to operate a 'unity' over the sense of chaotic self-experience such as to push down and deny the hated and feared, whilst asserting a surface presentation or persona. Denied self is automatically projected and our innate capacity to recognize the Life is replaced with a world and others that essentially re-enact our separation trauma - as the failure to validate our identity - apart from the perpetual struggle to do so through every kind of thought, word and deed.

The archetypal patterning of such fragmentation and attempt at dominion over one's experience and one's world operates largely beneath the conscious or surface awareness.

Competition for dominance or first place is typified by the belief one is better or right or that one is or should be the ruler or the maker and arbiter of rules. Such a one hates not to win and hates to be told what to do - unless it already agrees with what they choose to do - where they will go along with an 'ally' or 'asset' as if it is part of their own purpose - for as long as it serves their purpose. The investment in an identity becomes so great that the identity itself is protected from change - excepting as it increases the sense of power and protection.

This overlay of identity is not actually in control - but is supporting a narrative sense of control over the undercurrent  of original separation survival strategies. Beneath everything is a nature of discovery, recognition and communication  that the outer personality feeds on and indeed depends upon but takes as if by right and presumes to be a power of independence. The more our nature is denied, suppressed and subverted to fit a 'control mentality' the more it is perceived as enemy and threat and the consolidation of this illusion of power operates evil or against the flow and nature of being, so as to bring us to crisis in which the opportunity to re-evaluate our foundations and our currency of definitions and beliefs - so as to open fresh perspective with re-integrative opportunity in place of the struggle to manage an impossible situation.

But to a desire for power over the hated or feared 'chaos of feelings' and resultant experience of self-transformation felt to be humiliation and defeat, any rising of solidarity and cooperation in such 'uncontrolled' perspective has to be stamped out, undermined or subverted to serve the fear-control agenda. Not unlike Herod to the prospect of a new 'king' rising. For those who claim power do not willingly share it but operate out of a private self-interest that allows no other competitor - whilst setting all others in division and competition so as to confound and weaken them.

Without words or edicts, communication can be made that announces the shift from a relative playtime to a demand for obedience and conformity. 9/11 operated a switch in the consciousness of many in the world that operated at much deeper levels than an act of terror by enemies causing loss of life - being in a sense an assault on 'reality' - for such is the power of a lie asserted as official narrative - an act of terror on the mind; an announcement of power by which the mind breaks - and the fragmented sense aligns within what seems to be power against any movement to challenge or question or bring out into open communication.

You do not need to be against anyone or anything to be the best of yourself that you can be, now. But if any challenging situation enables you to call on resources and develop abilities beyond what you previously believed - then there is a cause for gratitude upon recognition that life also works this way - and in this sense a presentation of competition can be used as an expansion and deeper alignment of consciousness rather than a struggle of 'powers'.

The false unity of top-down power is the old paradigm that seems to come naturally but demands enormous resources to run. But here is another perspective rising from a true grounded appreciation of worth - for the acceptance of true worth is automatically extended rather than projecting self-power upon the 'unworthy'. This, however, is always a matter of willingness - whereas the alignment in the power to (self-righteously) hate or deny others as losers or un-valids is always a matter of coercive deceits aligning in mutual reinforcements as an official narrative 'reality'.

The fear of losing your place set the path to hating and blaming others - and to getting back or taking from them what you feel rightfully yours. It doesn't matter 'who started it' it only matters to come back into right place, right relation and right timing - that is to have your life back in a true alignment instead of chasing or struggling from a fearful mis-identification that is in lockstep with everyone else of a similar futility.

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