Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Pope on Gender choice for children

Pope Francis slams "terrible and unnatural" practice of teaching gender choice to children

Various issues come up here:

Education has been used as a weapon of 'social engineering' or dictated compliance for a very long time - and in some sense inherently so, because the weaponisation of mind in fear of and against our true nature is part of our social conditioning to some degree or another.

If Man is made in the image of God - then is this a God of Unconditional Love unto a free willingness of acceptance, or a god of wrath to whom partial sacrifice must be made in order to appease and limit from total sacrifice?

If I may use some of the Pope's religious terminology - those whose mind separates them from God - in effect if not in truth, can ONLY teach 'separation' while they are identified and conformed to the mind as if IT were their truth and thus a basis for demonizing the true.

That Life does not consistently or truly fit into any of our models or images of how Life should be - be they mythic, theological or scientific models, is often seen in terms of threat to the truth of a sense of 'saved' or sane identity - and then we equate our own judgements of rejection, invalidation or excommunication- (scripture based or science based) - with "The Truth".

Thus self-image is inherently at war with true nature or Life - and blindly pursues its own validation and reinforcement upon others and upon its world as a 'righteous' sense of necessity and  - if you look closely - vengeance. For there is a sense of love lost or power lost that seeks to regain or pay back. The power play for position. The attempt to stamp out in the other what is most hated and heared in the self.

Whilst personality is grown from predilection and cultural exposure, our true identity is not a construct or a manufactured mask - but a unique signature vibration of recognition to which the persona can be aligned - where there is willingness to embrace and embody Life rather than persist under a conceptual dictate to which Life is subordinated and sacrificed of its wholeness and joy.

The assault upon traditional culture is of a global corporatism; strategically enacted, with those on the outer circles enlisted to operate in what they take as good faith as being righteous or just while those in the inmost circles knowingly operating power for its own sake to remake the world in their own image and for their private agenda.

Traditional cultures can be viewed as irrational, superstitious, backward, dangerous and blocks to the progress of 'humanity' in the terms set by a disconnected rationalism of soul-less or loveless thinking - as if such thinking is 'free' of such error and shall make a new world order without according any validity or power to such weaknesses - excepting perhaps as part of a narrative distraction by which to entrain the unwary to their station. However, what has worked to flower human cultures of diverse kinds holds riches of which a merely materialistic sense of power and utility cannot see or even imagine.

Identity is the crux of all crisis for an identity in conflict is an identity seeking power and therefore being rendered powerless by acting from such a lack of foundation. In this sense we each weave a persona or mask as part of who we present and identify ourself to be and to become - and then believe it our self.

We are truly identified in the extending of our true presence - and recognizing such quailities of being in others and our world as one with ourselves. Far from diminishing our uniqueness, this light embraces it - but not as a self-differentiation of better than or worse than.

A lack of presence, a lack of love, a joyless and de-natured society, all lead to the filling of the hollowness of life with every kind of substitute. The real issue is of self-honouring worth that naturally extends to others; not of sexual orientation. Real relationship transcends packaging. The forms of things are NOT the meanings as any trojan exploit or phishing ruse should teach.

Those who support and use 'gender politics' as a trojan to destabilize society are seeking to advance their own power over weakened and conflicted identities, families, societies, nations or cultures. There is to be only the state culture - and that state is to serve an elitist power class.

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