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False framing; Which one is worse? - and the Christ Story Symbol

Which one is worse?”… = divide and rule (by setting a framework in which judgement instead of discernment operates. However – you have to be willing to reactively do as you are suggested and triggered to).

Instead of “Is this true?” or “what is the truth here?”, the ‘better or worse’ operates the devil you know and the un-faced fears that are associated with the negative or unacceptable – and therefore denied and defended against – feelings, experience and the self-conflicted.

The true is that you are an individual – but that realisation is not conceptual assertion or manipulation.

If you would know yourself – you have to release investment in self-assertive manipulations and re-cognize and be re-membered in a unity of purpose within a diversity of expression – but most simply put you will FEEL your Life and will know and be known within an intimacy of recognition that is NOT coercive upon you – though a habit of coercive thinking may cut off such an intimacy to claim the ‘insight’ as its own fake ‘individuality’.

Which form of deceit is worse is a meaningless question – but deceits that pass off as true currency operate destructively on our capacity to recognize and share in Life – whereas those that are seen AS deceits are no longer believable – though of course they can be strongly asserted by a manipulative intent that has great investment in their NOT being exposed.

A drowning man may cling to anything at any expense to save his or her own life – yet if the ‘losing of control’ is itself a deceit by which to SEEM to be a power unto and of oneself – then there are contextual frameworks of definition that can be expanded to allow more perspective as to what and where your Life is – and who you are within it’s embrace.

Attacking the person is the guarantee for breakdown of communication – no matter what the persona is associated with. Hatred operates by stealth to make sure that real communication cannot happen – or will be aborted or subverted and enslaved to a hate agenda – albeit masked in a sense of power and protection of false currency or hidden agenda.

...And on the same page in reply to this commenter:

As you accept the Unconditional love of your very Being – so will you unselfconsciously and automatically be a light unto others – and re-cognize the light in others. But if YOU set YOUR self to be God’s Chosen instrument then you re-enact the original ‘sin’ of completely missing the mark and operating a ‘reversal’ in consciousness by which self righteousness operates the denial of the Living One in All – and enacts this upon all that now seems unworthy and requiring YOUR correction.

The desire to ‘bring light into the darkness’ is not wrong so much as extremely susceptible to mis-guidance. But you can be a willingness for illumination in a place of darkness, or lack of loving awareness. First one has to accept it – and that is the last thing most of us will allow – for we much rather ‘sell it’ or make an identity of association with its outer forms than be ourselves healed of deceit.

Re-waking the ‘dead’ is the work of the Living – and not to the matrix-zombie but to the true presence beneath the false identity – the stirring of a recognition – and intuition, a feeling, an illumination, a touch of grace of simple being, a restoration of a felt integrity and sanity that IS your being.

Of course there is a matrix version for all spiritual awakening – at the level of form. So do not merely be triggered by the outer forms of anything, but pause to truly feel within for the resonance of your truth-sense in your current capacity of aligning in integrity of Being.
If you let the Christ-child be the stirring of such a movement of all and response within being – then you can nurture and abide with it rather than claim it for Herod in the realm of a dead light that confuses love of power with the power of love.

The following was written recently by me without any note as to where it was offered but it flows on here so ... here it is:

It is more widely known now that corrupt state authorities sends covert incitement to violence and destruction into the ranks of any movement of opposition or solidarity that grows enough to come onto their radar (as a rival or threat). So they have their broad spectrum dominance - not unlike Herod in the symbol of the Nativity - only that terror was openly wielded without justification or apology. In our times it is secretly wielded beneath pretence of justification and apology.

Regardless any crap that accrued or was put into it - the basic early Christed story is one of growing beneath the radar until the readiness and calling to come out in true witness to the love as the heart of our true Humanity. Of course this presence shared, contrasts and thus illuminates the stark nature of the hate, rage and terror that imprints itself AS the mind of coercion and deceit of a mask whereby to capture and feed off of the life essence that equates its safety and protection with such a 'god' or indeed anti-god.

The true nature of a choice is between alternatives that are both available to be discerned or considered so as to choose one from another - but the dictate of false framed thinking makes many 'choices' designed to keep you in the mask and choose the mask because no other perspective is allowed to awareness - but is killed in the cradle.

The evil works as a sense of self survival - in terms of the mask of power and protection - for one who the mask has captured, knows not who he is - and cannot know what he does - although the surface of the mask believes it is denying, killing or protecting FROM evil - the underlying or hidden mask of terror imprinting IS driving it compulsively.

Denying or sacrificing the heart-sense as it rises becomes the alignment in hate as power - and now the world of hate makes 'sense' for if you obey, you obtain privileges over and above others and the oppression and compression of fear is somewhat allayed. And so such a one 'loves' the power that desists from giving pain as if giving favour - perhaps even a self-specialness for willingness to operate terror over others in guise of helping them - and of course this is for their own good - or for a "Coming Good" that their sacrifice serves.

The only sanity amidst deceit is to awaken - and then live from sanity while growing in the capacity to discern and undo the imprinted conditioning that operates automatically - so long has it been held in the dark.

In modern terms, accept and run only code that is free of malware, virii or trojan intent - because garbage in = garbage out.

Your government don't and cant operate this responsibility for you and nor can they take it away. Intent to capture and control can bait you with triggers of a desire for self-specialness - as seduction, and with incitement and justification to hate - so as to 'get real' in terms of love's weakness and hate's power. But this is how you know your choice - and the fruits are not set in terms of hollow forms - but as a true quality of being that cannot be contained - nor claimed credit for. But can be denied conscious acceptance by an identification of investment in self-image.

Don't underestimate the power of the mind to fundamentally skew EVERYTHING when it mis-identifes its own foundation. So check in - often - always - as to where you are coming from - because we cannot escape our foundation regardless the grasp at forms of power to assert otherwise. Clever thinking called upon to obfuscate and 'sell' toxic debt is still stealing life to pay death - and it works an engine of destruction because we are tuned into the signal and engaging in its terms. Change the dial - receive a different perspective than self defeating struggle... as you are willing. Recognize crap-thinking as crap thinking and leave it un-validated - but that means you HAVE to accept a true sense of worth instead of the struggle to make a profit out of crap thinking. Its a racket!

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