Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Forever debt; forever war

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Forever debt, forever war
By: Dan Denning of Moneyweek

Finding most 'news' stories to be hollow propagandistic deceits - I came to this (above linked) story from a G-news sidebar and felt at least a willingness for reason.

The notion of wealth subordinated to money, and the notion of disconnected sense of money from any real relational account, masked in insanely complex 'instruments' of obfuscation, reflects to me the current state of 'consciousness on Earth' - or lack thereof - because a fragmented 'warring' consciousness is a sham - and a shame - with all the defences and subterfuge of propping up and protecting from exposure.

True currency must serve and extend a genuine sense of shared worth. False ideas can only result in a false reality reading and response of a false sense of self.

War is built into and inherent in our money system - and our consciousness. The old paradigm 'consciousness' cannot serve as a true foundation. Look within to see not only the toxic debts of nothingness pretending to be something - but the complex shenanigans that serve to hide the truth - not merely from others - but from ourselves, so that different 'compartments' operate against each other or unbeknown to each other so as to maintain.... what exactly? Survival in terms set by conditioned fears and self-guilts. If we don't take a fresh look now - our prodigal wasteland will bring us to take a fresh look when it can no longer be denied, re-defined and repackaged and sold off as if it were a cultural expression of Life on Earth.

Uncovering and living from a truly felt sense of worth does not preclude any particular avenue of endeavour and exploration - but will transform or direct the way of it. If fear of loss is the active foundation - then expect self-fulfilling prophecies to reinforce the starting premise - because that is how life works.

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