Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Unplugging from deceit - reconnection within true being

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Monica Kemp

Excellent, courageous statements by Margot Kidder and great responses in the rest of the posts. But how do we make this headlines, FRONT AND CENTRE, for average voting American in the next 3 months?!

My reply to Monica:

How can you force information to an unwillingness to listen? You cannot – without invalidating your information by turning it into ammunition and attack – which of course will be defended against and used against you.
But you can be a willingness to listen – and you can speak into such a willingness wherever it may align as a synchronicity of shared purpose.

Jim Jacobus to Monica:

That process requires disengaging them from The Matrix that is their world.
Within three months.
It takes three months minimum in many cases just to establish who is capable of withstanding the process of being unplugged.
Sometimes we must take a tough look at resource allocation.
I hate to sound cold, but it is 11:59:59

My reply to Jim:

Ah - so you are the one who is serving out toxic food, pharma-sickness etc to the 'useless eaters'? It is so easy to use terms like 'them' and 'we' - without realizing who is using your mind.

While of course you are free to choose to see lovelessly, (and thereby lose sight of your freedom to choose), I invite that what is often called the 'matrix' here, is a belief-experience of being UN-plugged from our (true) being and sucking on a fake version.

The fear of being un-plugged from a state of disconnect (that operates a mask of apparent support-connection over a war-mind) is at root, a fear of love - a fear of intimate connection, balance and alignment. A fear of losing your 'mind-control' - but is it not fear that operates mind as a weapon and shield of 'control'?

Artificially induced scarcities cascade from a lack of love or love-worthiness and effectively reinforce a hateful cold and murderous but unfeeling  conformity to being 'tough'. And within the matrix - such is the 'sacrifice' of truth and love to an overriding dictate; a loveless god of power - who may stay the hand of destruction to those who deliver their own unto sacrifice... and call it by the names of kindness, love or protection.

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