Monday, 1 August 2016

Beneath the power struggles and their personae

What is Fethulla Gülen?
by F. William Engdahl

The above article seeks to illuminate the deceits of power struggle.
My comment:

The struggle of 'powers' takes many and complex forms. Personae can be proxies, patsies and deceits and false narratives operate in support of their respective positions - and handlers?
The rise of Nationalism had tragic consequence for Armenians - and many others. If 'ethnic cleansing' (hateful abuse of language in that phrase) is the basis for 'democracy', then of course any power claim will likewise justify breaking any kind of eggs to make their New World Omelette.
Beneath the power struggles and their personae are belief-idea and identity-definition.
There is no real resolution or fulfilment within mis-identified self definition.
The basis for belief is not a means to get something  - or get away from something - so much as to embody qualities felt and found true. This does not require others to believe likewise - but simply to find a willingness in which and through which to share in a true sense of worth rather than assert and contest a false sense of superiority - even through the appearance of 'victim' or behind a mask of apparent obedience and conformity.
There is a baby in the bathwater. When you kill the babies - you are hated as an evil. It is within our self that we release allegiance and identification with what is found untrue. Not as an act of hate upon others - or indeed upon ourself.

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