Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Terror, War and Compliance

NATO’s Misguided Response to “Hybrid Threat”

The imprinting of terror captures the mind to then align with it as power. This is not rational - rather all rationality is subordinated to defend and protect the fragment that terror 'saves' by conferring 'special' privilege and protection.

The role terror plays in mind-control is  - I believe - a re-enacting of the core separation trauma by which a segregative and manipulative mind replaces the open communication of natural being - and is effectively at war with its own being. therefore there is a war on Consciousness and upon Life on Earth that is not rationally apprehensible because our 'mind' is already compromised to operate the evasion of terror and the suppression of rage.

This embodies itself in caricature with the loud public accusations of the evils of the 'other' that are manifestly and openly being enacted by the accuser. The power to carry this off without being openly disregarded is the terror of the consequence of honesty.

However, addiction running out of control is a demonic and destructive mind-trap and honesty has to open within it - one way or another - if Life is to restore a true foundation. Honesty is not a strategy - but a release of strategic thinking for a true account. Bad intelligence - bad outcome. We each make a persona for everyone in our life and assign it the qualities and roles that we then react to as true - but these come from - and reinforce - our own personality construct.

Curiously, 'war on terror' can be indicative of the desperate attempt to avoid it - thus giving power to any and every pretence and illusion that keeps it at bay or delays its 'violation' of our self-assertive power - and with this kind of 'power' the terror of a house of cards falling down hides behind the apparent broad spectrum dominance - because it all has to be held in place with a multitude of lies that demand increasing control amidst increasing disorder.
However, we can only work with where we are at - with the material at hand.

Projecting fears into others and future scenarios and then making them true by acting as if they are - is an insanity of dissociation and displacement. Not a call to blame. Mind control has been much studied and operates in many levels in many ways. Re-integrative healing is the other direction. Not an anti-mind-control so much as a mind-aligned correction to a divide and rule imprint - perhaps the core nature of which is a genuine acceptance of feelings - not in rationalizations but simply having safe ways to own that we feel - and allow it to evolve - for rage-hate is hurt-heart of denied being.

But such words as these mean nothing to us when we are re-acting out the suppression of or hateful expression of pain - and without some willingness for healing - nothing can begin no matter what is tried or said or offered. So only those who are found in and can find such willingness are able to grow it to the noticing or recognition and synchronicity of others at any level of seeding or fruiting.

Using the mind as a weapon defeats its function and purpose - or rather deceives the intent with a private sense of mind that cannot know what it does nor recognize itself in another - excepting of course as the 'enemy'!

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