Monday, 1 August 2016

Behind the mask of medical power

Which is worse: the NSA or the FDA?
by Jon Rappoport

The above article is about power to coerce and manipulate through medical and scientific persona.

My comment to the article and other commentators:

Waking up is not something you or I can do for others - but recognizing ourselves in others serves our awakening response-ability.
Living that quality of presence through whatever we do and whoever we are uncovering ourselves to be - extends and invites a like response in others because it is not coercive or deceitful.
The acquired or overlaid 'mind' that does operate a coercive and deceitful sense of 'reality control' is not evil in and of itself so much as a stopgap and temporary attempt to escape or overcome an intolerable and un-faceable inner relational conflict. And so the imposition of an 'interior and separate' sense of self control operates the blocking of the terror and rage, hate and powerlessness - that is generally projected un-mindfully out and fed as evil in the world and in Other - as part of the mitigation of the pain of un-met need or need-denial.

My core point is that beneath the world-script is a casting director that operates to fragment and obscure the original Signal - by distorting and twisting the meanings to reinforce and reflect a separated self-sense - of oppositional power.

Having 'created' the power of NO - and developing the abilities of forgetting that we call evolving or discovery, we have a kind of reverse or inverse 'reality-experience' whose logical conclusion is insanity and death - (for such was its starting foundation). BUT the awakening to that such a 'mind' is insanity and death (rather than power and protection), is a very disturbing and unsettling identity transformation in which the Call or need for Sanity and Life becomes paramount.

By design, the 'ego' has a form of imitation and usurpation for everything alive - and the Call for Help is often confused or associated with certain FORMS that were originally the embracing and transmutation of previously denied 'negative' feeling, thought and experience - but taken out of context become the mask of hypocrites, acting out an imaginary sense of self-validation from those who subscribe to their personal assertions, masked within seemingly benign or helpful advice or offerings.

Just as true mind-function is usurped in emotional and psychological defence and strategy - so is body-function usurped by the 'control-mentality' of aligning with and being used by a dis-embodied sense of self. For instead of being one in purpose through mind and body (as an alignment of Spirit and Will) - a sense of identity-lessness seeks validation in forms - in body and embodied personae.

Casting out the moneylender in the Template is a symbol for releasing the divide and rule of an interjecting 'mind' that does not belong in your wholeness of being and  COSTS you your recognition and sharing in that wholeness of being.

If you are attracted to focus in Them, in Their Power over innocents, and align in righteous opposition and perhaps secret fascination - then nothing I have written here can reach you - for you WANT the false matrix of the struggle for power position - that only the powerless are driven to play - and play for real - with all of the force of their survival instincts - thus riding their living inheritance to war and waste.

Everything is firstly a matter of our definitions - which logically extend from our core beliefs and self-definitions in relation to whatever is occurring. If we operate out from ideas that are distorted and corrupted by a 'mind control' then no matter how dedicated we believe ourselves to be - we operate false currency and a false sense of power.

Who can hear?

The body's true function has to be suppressed for the 'mind' to maintain its 'control' identity - and the evidence of limitation, frailty and pain of the body is the meaning that the mind dumps there - from which to rage at Life in a sense of self-righteous hatred of being limited, weakened and conflicted with.
The fact that this is mostly 'unconscious' or running in socially reinforced scripts of subconscious agreement - does not reduce its force and effect at the level of its belief.

It doesn't matter what 99.9% of spiritual paths or of the population - does or says - so much as what I choose to accept true of - or for - me - now. And now. For as I accept true - so will I operate from - and act as. And that is the 'world' I meet and the response I draw forth. Such choice is not fixed or rigid - but allows embodiment of a congruency of being in place of rigidly imposed beliefs and stratagems of survival - for such they are - but are they true for your living or for your masking evasions of the Life that truly moves you? It is up to you.

The DEMAND for protection and power arises from a sense of self that needs to be re-evaluated - if such false power is to be undone of its claim to authority.
I cannot put you in touch with your Author but I can invite you to bring a fresh honesty to where you seek to find or claim authority from.

Looking within - is intuiting upstream - as a receptivity of willingness to be moved - and of discernment of the tangibly felt legitimacy of the movement to your own recognition. The 'restatement' of Who you have always been is a restorative and a reintegrating movement in which distortions and deceits are released to reveal what does not need 'putting together again'.

Health and wholeness are the absence of 'divide and rule' in any coercive sense of that phrase. Life is already a Movement in and of being. Don't accept conceptual substitutes - for what we truly desire is in a sense, given us, and accepted AS our core signature vibration. False ideas can only operate to obscure - until seen as false - they fall away to reveal what they hid.

If one is so identified in the false as to have invested self to an addictive association - then nothing and no one will be able to tell you about it for such a one can only 'see' threat or assets and ammunition for protecting and extending its power to persist.

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