Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Why We Haven't Found Alien Life

One of the Best Explanations For Why We Haven't Found Alien Life

In commentary to the above article:

Rather than blindly operate current definitions and presumptions of “We” who have not - at least officially - found or been found in relationship with life beyond the confines of our Planetary sphere or indeed of our general dimensional identification in the temporal-physical plane... consider that within Infinite Consciousness, any definition will generate correspondence of reflecting reinforcement.

In order to open a more inclusive communication and relationship, look to the limiting and excluding factors in our personal and collective self-definitions - because what seems to be a fixed perspective by which to experience what we then call ‘world’ or ‘universe’ or ‘outer reality’ is in fact fluid, elastic and operating at frequencies of which we are generally, currently blocking - as a result of tuning in to a specific sub-set for specific purposes - that have characterized this particular facet of the the Human Experience. The current use of mind operates a blocking and limiting device for a segregative focus within body frameworks that deny or usurp the living communication through body.

One of the issues of expanding perspective from a narrowly defined exclusivity to a more universal and multidimensional appreciation is that of psychotic breakdown as a result of unprepared re-entry to Consciousness from a Newtonian sense of control over separate bodies or indeed ‘separate’ thoughts.

That communications are already operating between diverse facets and dimensions of ‘Life’ is simply always - whether recognized or not, but the human mind has learned to not see or recognize its integrality within wholeness in the belief-attempt to operate a discrete and separate identity.

Intimacy is not the bringing or rubbing of bodies together, yet communication of an intimately shared purpose of thought and feeling can be traumatic to an insistence in maintaining distance. Hence willingness and desire for communication is part of the re-discovery ad re-cognition of the ‘more’ of who you are and what Life Is.

Communication cannot be forced - and the matrix of thinking that passes as ‘communication’ operates a force-field of exclusion and denial. You are as alone as your identification dictates - and this is a choice though it seems an insurmountable conditioning.

Find (or be found in) the Life that you are - that is being all there is where ‘you’ seem to be, as a true and unwithheld presence. Now are you a point of presence that participates vibrationally instead of a conceptual fragmentation set in forms of conflicted denials.

Oh.. and we are all equally ‘special’ as a focal point of reflection and communication within All That Is. The gravitic catchment of self-specialness is in fact an incredibly weak ‘force’ that requires great compression of focus to operate within - but is then felt overwhelming within such ‘local’ perspective.

I write to your reflection - not to persuade. Have fun... if you will.

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