Wednesday, 3 August 2016

A wealth of living information in mythic reflections

Zeitgeist the movie 2

The above youtube movie attracted this comment from me:

The static closed loop identity is too linear to recognize the wealth of living information abiding in so called mythic reflections. Technology - including thinking - extends the purpose that creates and uses it. The urge to define and control life has a fear element that is denied by design - so as to seem to be made in our own image and thought and have faith this is true and experience it as if true. But self-image is a technology initially operating a denial phase by which to develop a segregative closed system.

This documentary illustrates some of the ways such a segregative division of controller and controlled, judge and judged, extends the idea of (fear of) loss as a power struggle of increasing fragmentation and depletion to a point of recognition of the unworkability and meaninglessness of a 'self and world' founded upon a false foundation. And recognized false it can no longer serve AS a foundation.

And so beneath what seemed solid and self-evident are recognized evasions and devices of deceit, pretences and diversionary displacements by which to maintain an ego focus within Open Consciousness - for the mechanism persists as habit - but its purpose is changed from a device of limitation and denial through raising a mask or persona over conflicting self, to a communication channel through which life extends to recognize itself in the other and the world.

The timings of the Shift are individual within a collective reintegration but we are all part of each other in ways we cannot see while the self-concept 'rules' in place of true feeling discernment - for each moment is a new emergence and this is not 'loss of self" or "loss of control" - but freedom from having to operate an impositional or coercive 'self' upon the movement of our being; the creative uncovering of Life in unselfconscious spontaneity - at one with the moment itself.

Any glimpse of this original nature operating without distortion and drag of death and taxes is a miraculous intimacy of being that the mind may then seek to define or hold on to or attempt to regain - but it cannot do this for you already are this - but entanglement with choices investing identity in idolizing form reflects back as the fixed sense of meaning - and its 'loss' to the awareness of identifying in belief of having first gained it and life's movement taking away.

Paradoxically truly letting go is what allows something to manifest in alignment with the focus of desire that is active. Uncovering our true desire often terrifies us - for here all heartbreak was born, isolation and deprivation and misery. The denied or subconscious and unconscious conditioning is not rationally accessible for a divorced rationality is the technology of its denial. The barriers and blocks to accepting who you truly are and knowing and being truly known are reflecting vital information - and trying to go past them only gets sabotaged by such denials signalling a need for acceptance.

You are the 1% - your denied feelings have become almost invisible to who you believe yourself to be. Yet your world is FULL of them - except you only 'see' threats or unworthiness and weakness.

"Am I my brother's keeper?" . Your 'brother' is the keeper of what you deny in yourself, for in extending acceptance of worth to him or her is the only way you recognize or know again that you have it and are it.

I see an alloy of ideas and information in this documentary - but beneath that also a willingness for the embrace of Life on Earth. If we had to know everything before stepping forth we would not be the unfolding experience of a human lifetime. However we can know what we need to know when we need to know it - and that is the 'faith' connection to what can be called higher mind or non physical mind.

When the communication channel is blocked by identifying in fear reaction and attempt to coercively limit to control, the sense is of having to mange reality all by oneself. Faith is then invested in protections and powers that extend such control - which add to the investment in displaced identity. The rest is a history we seem unable to escape or overcome.

It does not matter what kind of permission slips work for you to feel, know and move in and as the presence of you instead of fragmented presentations. While they work appreciate and extend a natural joy and gratitude in what you do. I am stressing the growing of a different foundation - which comes from receptivity to Life and in cooperation with Life.

Trying to mix old and new is a period of conflict. You cannot serve two mutually exclusive purposes at the same time and vacillation or procrastination cancels or delays coming to the recognition and acceptance of a truly unified purpose. If the world brings feelings of heartbreak, rage or powerlessness, don't give them your trigger finger - or your denial. There is important insight hidden in the 'unwelcome guest'. Problem solving is not the same as an innocent curiosity. Being practical yes - but being framed by problems that reflect inner issues of relational conflict and 'solving them where they are not' will only displace and disguise more subtly what you don't want to accept, yet.

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