Thursday, 18 July 2013

Channelling - Why?

Much of my life as an adult has been served by teachings or ideas and insights that are 'channelled' - (see 'Channelling - the Prequel' for a sketch of what I feel to be 'behind' channelling'), yet the point has always been the resonance of articulation or acceptance knowing that is ripe to unfold and be known and not a search outside oneself in accumulating information to prop up or promote a vanity of self regard.
Emmanuel's Book, The Bartholomew Books, A Course in Miracles, Raj, 'The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of the New Testament', being the most resonant for me, but there are many others. One of the newer to me sources (that I am appreciating) is Bashar, and it was on a forum page regarding Bashar that I made the following comments.

I too am very pleased with what I am hearing from channellers like Bashar.
But I have one or two nagging questions.
1. Why have channelers in the first place, when the scriptures tell us that it is possible to intuitively tap into soul powers and get the answers we need through quiet prayer and meditation? Why not go the direct route rather than via a middleman?
2. How can we be sure that what channelers are tellings is genuinely good for us and not just pleasing to our egos? Do not forget that genuine spiritual insight is often painful, especially to those used to a wordly or materialistic life. Many of us have difficulty accepting blunt truths that assail us from time to time.

The why question is like the why not answer – it does not open to the what.
To listen within in a true willingness to receive, does not set conditions as to the forms in which the revelation of answer or guidance will come – it is open to God/Creation/Self
Or would be open but for the conditionings which our current beliefs set. That God knows the way to find me – regardless of where I think I am or what is or isn’t real – is indeed as simple as to allow and accept and abide in truth. Not simple if we insist on protecting our self-investments, and avoiding transformation!
As to your second part. It is easy to collect a set of ideas and weave an Emperor’s set of clothes with them – but if in truth the ideas are not congruent with our being – then we have attempted to ‘add to ourselves’ rather than seeking first the truth and letting all things be added thereby.
However, guidance in the way of this can mean the difference between opening a direct trust and suffering a long and painful path of self denial.
However, one still has to pass through fear, but one doesn’t have to reinforce fear’s perspective while doing so.
And yes – at first we don’t pass through, because fear controls our thinking without us realizing it is so.
You know how to test for truth. You stay present and you listen and feel the nature of the fruits. You get wise to the ways you hide or avoid so as to give no hiding place. But I am writing to the one who truly cares. If one who doesn’t truly connect with Life wants to persist in an illusion of their own private creation, then they will do so with or without channeling, spirit-guides or spirituality – because to such a mentality, all forms are given meanings that ‘please’ the ego.
I feel to accept it as a given that the ego is active as a habit-momentum of conditioning and be wise to not feeding or reinforcing it. Not giving it too much attention. The false is dissipated by disregard or non-reaction. But the realization of the false is not our judgment but the discernment of what I call the Holy Spirit. One has to connect or receive or join with – rather than apply a template or method from a presumed self reality.
I felt something in your post that moved me to respond. Is that not the way the Universe works – whether apparently within us or apparently outside in the world?

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