Sunday, 14 July 2013

is it a crying shame?

A Guardian article on tears, emotion and control...

Andy Murray's tears are hard to watch

The Wimbledon champion turned to his dog for comfort in last week's documentary when recalling his terrible childhood experience in the Dunblane massacre. But I had to turn away...


Another term for Soul is 'Feeling'. We are primarily a feeling awareness.
But the displacement and denial of feeling is in emotional reactivity - which is a mental assertion that overrides Feeling. This may manifest as emotion or as a lack of emotion - but always as a dramatic mental strategy to hide or deny wholeness or honesty.

I notice and can feel the difference between tears that are the fully allowed Feeling, flowing - and those crocodile tears that are the 'poor me' - however dramatically expressed. We can also hear the difference in others, if we are not hooked into power struggle with them.

True control is not applied or asserted upon oneself but is a harmony of oneself.
To yield to a greater love is to trust beyond one's own strategic capacities - indeed it relinquishes them in order to know peace. That doesn't mean the we don't know how to be appropriate for life is not a disconnected inadequacy to relate.

Shame is associated with loss of control, yet an asserted or imposed control is illegitimate and self undermining or dis-integrating. Often an apparent breakdown allows a reconnection of more honesty.

Social mores and taboos express mutual agreements to protect the separate self interests of those who seem to separate from Soul, and thus suffer the mortal conditioning. But events in our life can rip all curtains aside and initiate a reintegration from an awakened honesty.

Manipulation is the expertise of the mind in its story. We all know how to play it and forget it is a game - as if becoming the mask.

The uncovering of our living truth to our awareness is a deeply moving experience, whether it comes in nice or nasty packaging.
Re-learning our nature is a yielding to a greater power and intelligence that is not ultimately outside our true being - but is outside our mind and world of personal control.

Yet while we assert and exercise the WISH for personal control, we cannot discern the basis for such a trust. Personal control locks the mind into a closed system from which it cannot escape. But one can release such a wish the instant one sees it is a false foundation that robs us of our true life.

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