Thursday, 18 July 2013

Channelling the true or the false?

Brian Steere

"It takes one to know one".

Human society colludes to make its judgements real and then lives as if reality has been determined. This is a way of not having to actually dissolve our egoity by actually checking in with Reality.

This tacit conspiracy is the 'denial of the Onenness of God'  in which adventures of a particular kind of separation-consciousness can be 'explored' or played out in experience.
One could say the in such a mode we are channelling denial - and that fear, division, conflict, guilt - and all the reactivity of trying to overcome that or escape it or pretend it is not there - is a channelled experience.
But what exists by the act of denial depends on what it denies to have even a seeming existence - and so Truth is not only not lost - it is present in every moment of every appearance or event, real or imagined.
The shift from channelling fear to channeling love is not the act of a separate one, but the revealing of an underlying truth. To recognize and desist from the fear-driven allows Unified Will to rise to awareness and share.
Dis-integrated will, seems to be fragmented in separate conflicting persons or aspects of Our Being. The rising to awareness of Unified Will is a resonant shared mind or purpose which unites and then transcends apparent difference.
Different strokes suit different folks and at different times in different ways. One does not need to understand what is not resonant/relevant to what is alive in oneself now and to do so is simply an indicator that keeping life covered over in such preoccupation is the current purpose.
Nor does receiving help no matter how deeply felt, mean that one is obliged to any form of relationship with what seemed to be the helper. Indeed it is truly help that awakens that capacity to help ourself. Not in a private cut off independence - but as a fully cooperating Individual Expression of Life.
In all things we can wonder if truth or deception is at work. As long as we sit on the fence we play with keeping BOTH. To embrace with trust and enter the flow is to open the qualities of discernment that feel the flow and need to know. There is nothing wrong with mistakes. One is not damned by having to change course in life.

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