Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Conscious Universe pt 3 What Matters?

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1)Brevity is the soul of wit.
2)how can you have a brain made of matter, without first having matter?

from What Quantum Mechanics Says About Conciousness

1) An upside down consciousness says 'I think' and a millennia of process in Consciousness is summarized as if a simple fact. I regret I cannot offer you brevity, but you can feel if any part resonates your desire to know your self. Or you can scan defensively to protect the self you think you know!

2) That which matters is that which is weighted in consciousness, has more gravity as a result and compels or attracts relative density.
The power of Consciousness is creation - but the limitation, fragmentation, dislocation, within Consciousness is a kind of hide and seek in which relative polarized forces appear to conflict as if separate.
The material sense is a structure through which consciousness experience itself within limitation. At the level of acting in the world it serves as a real framework. At the level of Consciousness is is a spontaneous Expression of Consciousness. All of it... (Universe/perceiver) arises as a Singularity of Cause/Event wherein no time has occurred - for time is a continuity of conscious identification.
Consider the quantum view as a uncovering of the Bible's "Behold, I make all things new". Eternal Appreciation is not a possessive identification.
Because we are already using the power of Mind to limit mind, we look out as if limitation is in some sense done unto us - and our bodies protect that sense of limitation against the Infinite. They are separation devices... in which thinking - in its range of attention, identification, intention, belief, reaction, and control, and so forth, is the self-conditioning architect of a personal/collective experience, 'out of Eden'.
Until, re-awakening to that the true Nature of Life is Communication, and then all that we are or seem to be becomes restored or harmonized to communication. To a true Communioned Expression of unified will.
The miracle that a world can appear to a wish or that events can harmonize to fulfil desire is no miracle, but the way the mind works - or indeed Mind.
The Fact of Awareness is pushed aside in the forcing of attention out onto 'the world'. And becomes 'taken-for-granted' amidst the reassuringly 'known' and 'solid' world in which apparently external forces and things determine and define existence - one's own existence... and one's apparently imminent lack of existence. But our interpretation/meaning of all things is not fixed and in truth the power we give all the meanings we make or accept remains with us to express creatively.

The fundamental nature of matter is not other than the energy of Spirit - for want of a better term. God is neither outside nor defined by, Living Universe or Son - but inhabits the part and the whole at once.To truly know the part is to know the whole for they cannot be separate except in supposition of 'as if'. The use of imagination in 'as if' is a modelling of a thought construct. You can create devices to flesh out the modelling and play with variables. But when the mind comes back into its full actual presence, there is no 'as if', but only the fully relational conscious awareness/appreciation of Being. It feels/knows Itself peace through love's extension/recognition. Such is the innate quality/nature of Home, that seems lost, hidden or fractured by an apparently split mind, the world-interpretation was made to hide.

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