Sunday, 14 July 2013

The technology of Consciousness

In identification with a conflicted mind, we seek solutions outside our self - as if the answer is something that makes the world fit our demand and support our dream. As with attacking the many headed Hydra we 'solve' problems which then rise up with seven more heads (in more complex disguises) - and become densely and unconsciously identified in reaction to 'denied self'. We seem to be becoming more powerful discoverers of the world but are drawn out into extending or dislocating our identity and power into things apparently outside our self. When each apparent new world, ideology, or solution turns out to re-enact the same conflict that we were seeking to escape, we find an intolerable sense of ourselves, our world in which we either invoke ingenuity to 'escape' or overcome - or arrive at the beginning with willingness to look with new eyes.

Technology is an extension of the mind in its intent to shape and change its world - and this begins with conceptual thinking - our technology provides mappings, definitions and languages which we take as the world Itself rather than a conditioned adaptation of apparently competing/conflicting programs or purposes and interpreted results. But it is a virtual interface over an unconsciousness that is wilfully set.
With the Internet of all things we are outsourcing our native intelligence at it lower levels to a series of programmed purposes. But we have not escaped the fundamental dilemma of a conflicted consciousness in which the wish to control alternates and seems to compete with the desire to trust. In the first is an experience of a world of action and reaction that is perfect justification for the assertion and imposition of control - for it is fearful and apparently unworthy of trust - for it reflects a fundamental dishonesty of our own denied mind. It reflects a willing lovelessness of intent. The latter also brings an experience that justifies its extension. It serves the undoing of fearful projection and the release of loveless intent. In trying to have both, the mind hangs or crashes - because they are mutually irreconcilable.
If even a glimpse of such intuition is present, one can look at the world and see our reflection in ways that serve to illuminate and undo the obstructions to an honest perspective.
To choose one is to let the other go. But fear can never be a whole choice because it is not the self-creator it pretends to be, but is wholly dependant on that which it seems to exist by reaction against.
But trust allows the true nature of Mind to extend as what could be called the Original Internet of All Things. That what we seek to replicate - in order to control - already exists in the relinquishment of control, does not register with the 'orphaned' consciousness as meaningful or in any way desirable, but only as threat to its continued employment/existence - which it suggests is yours.
All systems disintegrate if they are not expressing integrity. The presentation of integrity as a means for control is not an open honest communication and will not draw forth an honest open response.
The time is ripe to see what we hold in our mind - for its creates the experience of the world as we see it, and the world is in a process of fundamental change. Our consciousness is in transformational transition.
From a Mental view of the Universe, you will have what you perceive while you want it to be true for you, but the conscious experience of pervasive fear is intolerable to all except the warmonger and the determined ostrich. For these two are part and parcel of each other.
To raise consciousness is not to become reactive but to identify and release reactivity. This allows what is running beneath it to surface; as wisdom, discernment, intuition, insight, and appreciation. These are not resources to plunder in designing yet another layer of self-illusion - but are our Natural Inheritance as Expressions of Existence.
Our world can serve the purpose we hold in our heart if we stay true to our purpose, and this purpose is already inherent beneath the masks and strategies of fearful attempt to protect and control. We don't have to make it or prop it up or convince our self or others. We just have to embrace it wholly in our Now of Consciousness. It doesn't matter that the habit of fear recurs when the foundation is set. Just to relax allows a reconnection.
Responsibility is not about blame - but about living choices. false choices keep us locked in limitation while true choice is a creative unfoldment.

The shorter comment would have been: What if the problem is the answer unrecognized?

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