Sunday, 14 July 2013

Conscious Universe Part 2 Universal Will is free

Counter point," You can will your body, but can you will your will?"

- - -

You can believe you will your body but the impulse to do so can be measured before you are conscious of so doing.

Is the 'self' that we accept as identity a virtual 'entity' for something
that cannot actually be in any true sense objectified or defined?

Yet 'awareness of something' is FACT - but one cannot really
separate the awareness from the something. All of what is arising to
awareness is an arising including what you call take as yourself.

The wish for such self is evident in its every moment and is indeed a wish
to will the will rather than extend a willingness for and agency of

The 'movement of being' is not measurable or comparable
because there is nothing outside it, but it is discernible within itself
because awareness has a Feeling aspect. This is not interpreted because
it a direct knowing or recognizing of Itself in its qualities of being.

The mind as we currently experience it is a forgetting/limiting device that
facilitates specific focus of attention in an interpretive experience or

It is at root an expression of or within will, yet one which seems to generate a contra or limiting distortion within Unified Mind.

The 'divide and rule' mentality is the interpretation of an assertive or coercive intent, which identifies a thought of self as self and seeks to protect, persist and prevail as a fragment over the whole. It essentially maintains its existence through the forgetting or denial of Unified awareness - enacted by the action-reaction of the belief in self-will as power to have changed the nature of Being, itself. It believes it is on its own against an unknown Universe which it seeks to map, tame, control, exploit for its own private agenda.

Yet this structure of conditioned identity and reaction serves as an agency for the Self Awareness of Creative Infinity to awaken through its experience to its Creative Root.

The tangibility and visibility of being may be perceived as an end in itself or as a vehicle through which Life Knows Itself Perfectly.

This is the 'choice' between gratification of desire within the conditioned sense or transcendence of desire in true Intimacy. This choice is a working illusion, but while it is active, we cannot neglect to choose, for the default is a choosing of unconscious conditioned reaction.

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