Thursday, 18 July 2013

Channelling wisdom? - When fear seems to dictate the agenda...

Commented regarding authenticity of Bashar, this is a generic example of a mindset that is fearfully legitimised in reaction - and therefore not listening.   

Watch the Bashar illuminati video on youtube. When the interviewer asks questions about fema camps and other plans in the governments take over agenda Bashar rattles on with his psycho-pseudo esoteric jargon. You’re constantly switching in and out of billions of earths? He says the only way the government or these ppl can affect you is if you let them or belive they can…so if martial law is in place and i dont believe they exist or think they can affect me im gna magically be spared when they come to haul off ppl to the fema camps? Right. This guy is full of shit.
Reply from Brian Steere   
    July 15, 2013 - 11:55 PM   

    Perhaps one has to be very very careful about what one is focussing on because by focussing, we give value and significance, and if we allow fear to distract and unseat us, we can take a mad ride through hell.
    The lure of being a warrior against the evil is the very first CON. ControlMentality needs conflict to seem to persist. I have no doubt you can find many horrors in the world to magnify a crushing sense of evil – but pause and ask if you are seeking them or asking them to find you.
    Resonance and attraction work both ways. Yet because you are aware of the craziness of ControlMentality in the world – you CAN use it to recognize your own mind. THIS is NOT what the ‘powers of the world’ want you to do – because like a computer bot-net, they depend on guilt and fear being installed in your mind unnoticed amidst the protective and assertive distractions that keep it too busy to notice!
    Rather than try to wrap a brain around concepts that cannot be really described, notice that this moment IS a moment of your focus and your acceptance. And THIS one also. And in any distraction in which fear blinds, that you notice amidst its conditioned reaction – check to see if what is going on in your mind in your name is in truth what is your heart’s focus and direction.
    If there are things to deal with and respond to or even simply not meet with, in the world, then one needs to be awake and aware enough to notice and feel for the way of being with it.
    If fear really is the god – then how can ControlMentality not be your truth too? THEY are just more powerful than you! THEY exclude or override YOU. ControlMentality is a game we learn when we learn to cry in infancy and we develop a range of strategies that justify our self-assertions and coercions upon others or upon life – to our own thinking. It’s an addiction!
    But is it such a fun or rewarding game? If you are still reading it is clear that you are at least partly open to a better way of living… whatever the ‘world of others does or does not do.

If our investment is in fearful and vengeful defence against a hated enemy, then any spiritual communication is either going to be rejected, or distorted so as to support one's 'war'.
While we may find 'enemies' and adversities' in our lives, the core issue lies in our own consciousness as a self rejecting self denying - dare I say it - self regard!
Not everyone is ready or willing to 'look within' for their defenses are immaculately working to avoid exposure - just as the 'conspiracies of control' in the world reflect.
The key is not to reject the rejectors - IE: not to let fear and judgment be contagious. Each of us has a freedom to grow and learn by our choice/experience as well as a freedom to communicate or relate from their current sense of themselves.
The test of truth might look to external aspects - but one cannot use those instead of testing against truth in oneself. There, I said it - truth in you.
If there were not truth awake or alive in you, you could not recognize it in ANY form.
When we doubt our own truth, we seek to convince others! But to rest in it allows embracing others - even those who seem to reject.

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