Sunday, 14 July 2013

Conscious Universe - part 1: Fruits of identity

I met an article I could join with called:

What Quantum Mechanics Says About Conciousness

And in process of commenting have written the following:

I join with the article's communication. The honest fact is that we don't know - period!

In the sense of what we are, or what we or anything is for - we may think we know and thus animate our beliefs, but the Infinite is in our Face and we do not know more than that an attempt to know has generated reactions - most notably the identification of being something lacking.

This may seem to contradict - but in accepting we don't know, we are not lacking, but neglecting to assert or interfere in a fullness on non lacking unity that knows itself by expression and extension - by our fruits are we known, and not by concept.

The fruits of identity in lack are limitation, loss, fear, vulnerability, conflict, guilt and inadequacy. None of which are truly shared and all of which are facets of isolation or exclusion. Such is felt intolerable in exposure and is covered with what we call our consciousness.

The fruits of identity at rest in unified being are the innate qualities of Life - unadulterated. They will seem to be covered or distorted by a distractive compulsive, interpretive consciousness - while it is actively energised and engaged. But such fruits cannot be obliterated because what you are not, cannot actually change or replace what is currently being all that you are - whether you realise it or whether your attention is temporarily engaged.

Though I have been willing to use verbal mental constructs to sketch here, the key is not one of interpretation of meaning but acceptance of one's direct experience.

The experiential realisation is not added to us - but is revealed to the free relinquishment of the illusion-wish of control and self-specialness. Hence so few are willing unless the cost of the self-illusion becomes intolerable and allegiance to it breaks down.

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