Sunday, 14 July 2013

Google's persistent failure to delete a supposedly accidental 'evil'.

Comment to the ongoing failure to get Google to delete the illegally gathered wifi data during street view. (Someone else had already linked it to the recent NSA world surveillance program)

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Yes that is the point I was going to make. In the light of recent revelations, it is hard not to believe that Google was acting either accidentally or for its own data collection advantages. The opportunity to suck up such data by the NSA, was too good to pass up.
The delays in deletion - for the call to delete has been active for a long time now - are perhaps to allow its relocation in secret classified opacity.
MS is shown to have actively initiated deep cooperation with NSA and until events indicate otherwise I expect all of the major US tech companies are likewise involved.
The mindset of "what is good for us = what is good for America" becomes a distortion of the self-interest of power. It is not so much that they are evil as they are locked into seeing evil in terms of their personal loss - or of creating it to ensure continued advantage. Be sure that the USA is only a host for the processes at work and that power will sacrifice anything that no longer serves purpose - such as democratic accountability or constitutional integrity. It has no allegiance to anything but itself.
But before we start throwing stones - who among us is truly free of this mentality?
We like to think we are perhaps - but look at what is held secret in our own mind in order to present a façade - ok a working façade - but we are all part of a larger Mind or perspective from which we tend to hide - and hide the fact that we hide.
Perhaps the NSA will help to 'out' our own deeply embedded control mentality?
Feels true.

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