Thursday, 18 July 2013

Snowden blows the whistle, wake up to what kind of world you want to give

(Upon reading of the nature of the disclosures by Edward Snowden)

I wonder if the 'powers that be' do not already know the main gist of the way power operates in the world, but the general populations are respectively fed a version to more easily manage them. These perceptions and identities are false and have always been false - or only allowed to operate within controlled limits.
The breakdown of perceptions and correlated identities is revealing the fist within the velvet glove - the malice behind the mask.
I suggest this is our own reflection - our own world-mind exposure.
Hard as it is to abide, it is only by abiding it that one can see it from a perspective that IT does not govern or dictate. For reaction spreads contagion and undermines the possibility of genuine observation and communication.
That information of such magnitude to the undermining of US friendliness or trustworthiness is so widely shared and therefore leak-able is itself the surprise. Is it intentional that US power should be seen as primarily fearful rather than morally justified? Now that the appeals to and machinations of a war on terror have undermined a sense of stability?
Ultimately where does one look for trustworthy information - not just true - but made available without agenda's of deceit?
One has to uncover an integrity of life in one's own being, in one's own awareness and as our own practice and demonstration.
Relative guilt is a game of pass the parcel, but there is a perspective available to our awareness that is honestly innocent of the game  of scapegoating others with our own hated or rejected or denied mind.
This perspective does not become a new and better weapon or defense in the realm of conflict - but lifts us from being defined within its dictate.
A lot of people incite waking up to fear, to threat and to an evil in our midst - yet this is exactly the fertile soil in which a control mentality seeds itself and grows a 'new righteousness'.
The way to live in the world is to use the world as faithful feedback to one's own thinking - most of which is unconscious to most of us - just as most people are not aware of the actual machinations of power in the world.

Only by uncovering our own current 'choices' do we come into the creative freedom to realign to our current heartfelt expression.

As long as we play the game of thrones - as player or spectator, we focus out there on the forms of meanings that the game of conflicted mind dictates, but in desiring to uncover a true sanity and peace or groundedness in which to truly share our existence; to truly know and be known rather than deal in masked and coded messages of confusion and deceit - in such desire... do we allow a compulsion or addictive reaction to pass by without acting it out and energizing it as our sharing of reality - to ourself and to others.
What then arises is not strategically or coercively intended but operates out from a 'higher' or more truly inclusive intelligence - as a step taken in good faith that reflects and magnifies where it comes from. This is always maximal in terms of the undoing of the mind of fear and division. One simply cannot force or coerce life without suffering one's own act.
Awakening to the perspective upon fear that is not itself fearful is urgent. But the patience called for in the cooperation with its undoing is a call for releasing time. For a quality of trust that comes to accept - in place - an entirely different interpretation of event.
The process of denial, anger, conflict, bargaining, loss, acceptance etc is not special to grief - but to our experience of Life. To 'die' while alive in the sense of coming to a true and heartfelt acceptance of truth is simply to truly live the life that is 'given or received'. Because we do not make what it truly IS but only our interpretations as to how we experience it. THESE can be warred over or contested - but not truth.

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