Saturday, 26 March 2016

The Persecution of Heretics - Easter 2016

I have been appreciating Dr David Healy's witness and perspective among others giving voice for sanity regarding an insane drug-coercion based psychiatric model - embedded in the power of the State -  that is actively making society deeply and profoundly sick in mind and body in guise of a false kindness.

One of many videos available was this one at The Persecution of Heretics

I felt to put this comment to the site comments - and here too.

The underlying pattern here is of mis-identification of investment in self-concept.

This is very exacting to bring to light because the nature of self automatically defend its foundational beliefs as survival instinct. When something out-of-true is entangled and co-fused with the foundations from which a sense of self - of legitimacy and power - arises, then to try to remove or address it is felt by such invested identity as akin to threatening to bring down the whole.

"Too big to fail" - because the belief that is recycled as a highly charged emotional imprint of fear - even terror - is that the necessary 'evil' must be the lesser evil over and against the fear of exposure in, loss of power amidst overwhelm - that includes shame exposed to rage, weakness that can never be owned or shown - amidst the conviction of a sense of hostility, denial or lack of acceptance for your existence.

The parable of the tares amidst the wheat indicates that they are to be separated at 'harvest' - as the damage to the life-sustaining crop is too great while they both grow together. What is the harvest but the acceptance and witnessing of the true as a wholeness of being - by which a conflicted sense of self is released or indeed 'put behind'.

To find unwillingness within ourself to align with or support and recycle hate and lies under guise of kindness and help is not a result or achievement of a system of moral coercion - but an honesty of being that is wholly worthy of embrace - despite the social or cultural context by which one will largely be perceived as the exposure that must be marked out to be hated, reviled and invalidated or criminalised and perhaps even crucified - in one form or another.

Persecution baits reaction by which to be lured back into hate as the dominant 'power' behind the mask - in the form of self-righteous outrage that takes justification in hating from perceived evil in the other.

This is talking about the foundations of human consciousness as we have been living it for millennia.

The issues David Healy brings witness to, are just a facet of a global loss of truly felt consciousness to the lie of a power that is destructive to us - yet we suckle on and align with it as if it is our protection and our very life. That there are agencies and personalities of expression of dis-integrity is evident - but if one stops at the level of form, then even a seeming victory will at best be a shifting of form with some limited sense being sacrificed to buy off true witness for a resumption of business as usual. Dead prophets are easily incorporated into the script of a directed narrative that dictates what is acceptable and demands allegiance and conformity - as a sense of self that must seek and 'find' validations anywhere but where truth is shared.

Insofar as I share appreciation - indeed love of truth - I open to and extend a shared worth of humanity that is not at war within itself.

Is true humanity a struggle to be born? - or a bearing through all sense of struggle to a focus and willingness for an unconditional acceptance or embrace of what is - as it is - rather than the insane attempt to defend our model against overwhelming contradiction.

The freedom of not knowing is a pure receptivity - without the baggage of the past - but in a freedom to appreciate all things in a new light.
This is written on Easter Saturday. I feel an Easter message in what I bring willingness to say here. But the focus is not on the thought that knows not what it does - because it fears to know its true purpose openly. Look not through such a lens.

It can seem that the demands of relational responsibility disappear by denying and ignoring them - to then be without any contradiction and thus be 'right and might in a purely private psychic light'. But the call to relationship is the call to Life - distorted through the veil of loveless thought to seem only an unworthy and unwanted disturbance.

Beware attacking and denying the symptoms - without which you would not even know an out-of-true is calling attention present - and without which you would not be able to be reached and reintegrated to your sanity and wholeness of being.

Without the willing extension of worth - we can not have and be it, and Life is in a sense flattened to a form of data that cannot Feel by an intensity of denial of feeling that it cannot break out from without a truly loving invitation to come in. But why would a hateful intent to exclude Life be made welcome once its true nature is revealed?

The choice to embrace Life on Earth is not apparent in the form of the temptation to hide in the 'power' of hiding. I do not advise 'coming out' in any way that is not your true and grounded willingness' but I do write toward the checking in with what we are in fact giving willingness to...  as our responsibility within a love of freedom and a freedom to love.

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