Thursday, 24 March 2016

Conditioning and Free Willing

 “ISIS attacked Brussels? The US created ISIS? Therefore?”

I notice that a war on Is operates a false narrative. That Is Is is undeniable but the false association of Is with something that is NOT - allows the idea of opposition to deny Is Is while believing it is denying that which denies Is.

That was a meandering prelude in wordplay to this writing on the nature of a split-screen reality and the loss of traction for fixation in its framework:

If the economic union of EU was expected and intended to result in a chaos - that would then coerce a political union - and consolidation of power in a technocracy wielded by shadow power, then perhaps the martial law raised around a 'Gladio-2' - and the weaponising of forced migration all 'make sense' to breakdown as a prelude to the open dictate of NWdO. Whatever 'plans' or confusions are afoot - the destabilising of Everything is unfolding as events within which we each choose our own perspective. Or sacrifice the power to choose to loveless image.

The lust for power, the fear of chaos that calls on 'control', the increase in latent disorder as a result of 'controlling', all polarize the many into a tighter knot of frightened fish for predators to feast upon. The use of terror to trigger imprinting and effectively 'control' goes back to primal imprinting before thought grew to establish consciousness.

It also triggers rage into breaking out that was also - like terror - heavily suppressed beneath a 'control' consciousness. Rage is a lust for power for it hates what is - as far as its sense of burned out receptivity allows any sense of relationship to Life to connect to anything present - and seeks to remake it in its own image - which is an image of hatred born of terror.

The rage-driven align under cold 'power' to deny their terror to awareness, and the terror-imprinted hide from power by guilt-inhibiting rage from moving. Rage given to hate operates as a denial of movement of Will - excepting to lure it to be killed or subverted to a will-less-ness of power devoid of feeling Life.

Refusing to give power to hate allows feeling to move without being channelled or triggered into hateful act. Only in feelings moving can we reclaim our Life from a power trip that splits consciousness from a natural awareness into a 'control-mentality' that seeks power upon the sacrifice of its own Life. Fear is an evacuating movement - finding ways to stay in a willingness for heart - evacuates what is hateful. Guilt is hateful - but without feeling-awareness of its device, guilt will direct your thinking as if your protector. It protects only itself from exposure through conflict that shuts down your capacity to be still and know - to true receptivity and expression.

It is I that is transformed by stepping out from ancient conditionings - and that I is of a perspective that is not set in terror by rage - to replicate its pattern over and over again. I have no 'control' over Life but I have relational communication within it through an inner honesty and openness of feeling awareness that I now know not to deny, dismiss, invalidate or rationally redefine as 'dominion over'. For what we embody reflects back at us - and the attempt to force reality is to invite insanity to take its place.

When it came out, I watched 24 - Series 1 for a few episodes - but when the same plot was recycled and the only point of it was to induce anxiety-fixated attention disorder! So I simply left a split screen story and got my Day back. Perhaps it isn't the 'end of the world' so much as the end of any capacity or interest in following an insanity framed at expense of living this Day - in Its own terms - that is as unfolds out of a natural inclination to an integrated sense of being - in which feeling and knowing are a depth and richness of communication rather than artificially contrived to block or screen off such relationship in narrative diversion.

Perhaps there are those who want to take it deeper into darkness - but if they represent a choice that is not mine then they serve a clarity in my own. Reading symbolically is part of recognizing your own creative imagination - but this can be well hidden in a split-screen presentation in which you seem to be but one of the characters in one of the frames and not the versions of everyone else that you also made when you called up your 'self' to save you from what you did not recognize and so denied acceptance of.

Looking Within - is really simply the allowing of Presence to notice - rather than fixating away in split-screen 'control' sufferance. For the justifiction of hate is the entry ticket to the 'separation' experience. However, the experience of crucifiction is as real as the hatred of the thoughts that know not what they do - regardless WHAT they seem to do. Are there rogue 'thoughts' in your mind that have power over your willingness to accept them? Are these 'compulsions' running on power you gave them un-knowing? Was a desire to explore a sense of power not part of calling forth such framework within which to have the experience - and maintain its reinforcement and continuity as a rich and dense feeling of reality?

I am aware we are on the cusp of Easter. Don't let a Good Story go to waste on anyone else's narrative interpretation - when you have your own Native Imagination aligned exquisitely to the core signature vibrational presence of your being.

The idea of death can be seen from many perspectives in a split-screen world - but it can also serve a shift of perspective while embodied in the focus of physical experience. If illusions don't kill you then it is the illusions that have to fall away. All illusions are imaginable and experiencable at some level - but only those that align with your true being can be freely engaged in without oppositional distortions in which attack and disconnection take on malevolence and fear in misidentified guilt.

The Mind is Projector regardless what is given focus. To be awake is to be on purpose. The world of split-screen reality is designed to help you forget your purpose in conflicted self. To forget your self in conflicted purpose. When the cause and effect are not two - you know your fulfilment as the very movement of communication within relationship. To look for fulfilment in the never never is to overlook it in the Now. How does this moment embody an unfolding fulfilment? Maybe start off by not hating and denying it the right to be here as a reflection or feedback that can be read in different ways than a fixed judgement asserts and insists. Why do we hate ourself above all else - but hide it so craftily? Because it once served a purpose that is not alive in me now. To release from service is not the same as hatred and denial.

You can imagine a different future from the imprinting of the past - though the same pattern can mutate endlessly as if 'you' can escape a while, or win awhile. Instead of a fleeting moment in which presence can never unfold and flower, but to be sacrificed to a past imprinting a future like itself. Wake to presence in which the re-cycle of hate can be truly felt. Vengeance is not healing. Beware of the seduction of a false investment.

Only the 'switching' of operating systems will constitute the change of heart in which the disconnecting mind finds no support. And as long as one looks OUT and believes what he or she sees - and says "It will never happen" - indeed Thy Will Is done - but you cannot know it is your Will while hating, denying and masking it in fearful symbol to which you kneel in terror or rage at in impotence.

Spring sounds through the open window - human sounds of activity amidst the calls of birds all somehow carrying the feeling of this particular light - indoors I hear a bath running - a sense of tuning out of this sharing and into the unfolding of this day. Sharing doesn't stop when the focus shifts perspective - but if the mind locks into false association, it identifies defined conditions as the reality - rather than as the vehicle of its communication. It looks for the 'past' and cannot feel what is presencing Itself ever anew.

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