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The blockbuster movie called Reality

The blockbuster movie called Reality by Jon Rappoport

This is a worthy story to take a journey in - along the lines of a common modern theme in lietrature and movie - that of false realities within realities.

Here's my comment:

Story and myth communicate on many levels - but always has some element of 'evil' in it.
Creation itself is a wholeness that is simply one with - as a synchronous act/event - for there is no element of fear in it. While the mind is fragmented as shifting personae in story it true nature as creative is 'given' to a miscreation of conflicting wills - oppositional wills.
Mind creates story - and focusing through mind-in-story - experiences itself in richness of meanings that are multidimensional. There can be an infinite 'russian-doll' arrangement of movie theatres within movie theatres - each seeming to open to reveal a 'reality' that is 'more real' than what was believed real before. But the reality of our experience is our experiencing it - and while we are 'journeying' an experience of a certain sense of linear unfolding, the energetic space or living context of what we had taken to be a self or a mind is at some point no longer experienced and identified as myself or my mind - though the language is still there. For what is now signified is no longer exclusively defined by concept.
There is no judging another's journey of unfoldment of Life Experiencing Itself. Nor is there any way to shortcircuit the gift of Life and attempting it meets the denial of a holy will - for at the very heart of creation, Will is Creation and any seeming by which an oppositional will has come to reflect or interject division is itself part of a hidden creation. Operating via denied Will - 'unconscious'. Some will only use the word creation to signify the Eternal - because the miscreative or divided and fear-seeded creation is but a generating of a lens of distortion that fragments and filters and creates nothing at all - but only feeds on the Light while acting as if it was itself the power to define, determine, judge and decide.
Creation in truth Embraces and transcends - both. Judgement that actively rejects - perhaps as the shadow of a self-assertive script - and therefore denied from conscious awareness -  meets the reflection of its own self-denials - be they fear, doubt, guilt, hate or even denial of power in fear it will be loveless. Whatever forms it takes, it is a net within which struggle entangles deeper - and yet deeper and yet deeper - until movement of Life is impossible because it triggers so much defence against threat and one succumbs to death as the logical outcome of an attempt to control Life - as if you were separated from or threatened by it - in forms that seem as separate as you thought you wanted to be.

Who thinks he has the truth and shall awaken others is premature and comes too soon with more judgements than are yet uncovered.  But who lives the willingness of their true desire will meet everything that serves it - if understood in the context of that desire rather than believed to be an oppositional force to it.

So I just wrote another story - perhaps we recognize something unspeakable instead of trying to resolve the drama in its own terms.

If there is a sense of victimhood to circumstance - what am I getting out of playing or hiding in that role? (And is that what I want now?). In short - how is the way I am defining and seeing this (any) situation serving me - or who I think I am. And this in particular for what we SAY we do not want and have yet attracted into our experience - albeit with little or no consciousness of having done so.

If you WANT an externally imposing "reality" that absolves you of responsibility for Consciousness, whilst justifying a use of hate as POWER in reaction, just persist in validating hate as power and aligning in its dictate. Hate feelings when they come up - which will be much more frequent than you might expect - are the opportunity to recognize an old conditioned imprinting and transform it to a choice - by simply not choosing to identify it. Finding ANY willingness for healing amidst any form of hatred is 'stepping out of the fear-matrix' - for such willingness is a rising within consciousness of what could be called an alternate foundation from which to live - one whose imagination is free to operate in alignment with the call to joy - which is the ORIGINAL or true Call to Live - that has been lost or covered over by a substitution in which fear-survival served a mistaken identity.
there simply is no way out of a mind trap... excepting to recognize you are not in it. Paradoxically this calls for experiencing the conditions that the mind is predicated to fix, heal, escape from or overcome. We don't like this. You haven't got to like it. But that's the territory of being found in truly fresh perspective - not the realm of struggle - though we know how addictive that can be.

It is not wrong to call for protection when we are overwhelmed - so as to maintain a continuity of responsibility within choice that then learns more of what was bringing imbalance into the relationship. Nor is it wrong to walk out of the things that served us when we discover a deeper quality of balance within ourselves. Embracing what is - allows recognizing all that is actively present - within our own being - and consequently having a natural relationship that finds right place, right timing and right communication in serving our preference - without negating others from experiencing and growing in their own choices. The introduction of a fear-framed script will always reject and deny elements of what is here and thus leave us in the dark to stumble and mistake symptoms of a need for healing, for attacks. If we notice such a script is already running - be curious as to what is going on rather than reactive in its terms... IF you recognize that awakened responsibility is not sacrifice - but freedom. Otherwise you simply must hide out for as long as you can in a protection racket. (But it really does take your life in exchange for a dream of a life once you buy into believing it).
Not wanting to enact a hate and deceit agenda is enough to open imagination to another purpose - a spontaneous and unselfconscious movement of life. THAT is the Feeling being who has been denied a life. Look to your capacity to truly feel as your Life - even in its negative aspects - but unhook the conditioned and denied feeling from hate's trigger finger. Without a compassionate sense FOR yourself - you have no 'love' to share anywhichway - only presentations seeking validity, and then hating to find a world that loves and recognizes you not. (Because your true presence was not in it).

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