Thursday, 24 March 2016

Communication breakdown calls for healing - not reinforcing

Though written into comments on a Jon Rappoport article about the Media and the emergence of Trump, this comment is nothing to do with the what of that but picked up on the way of communicating - which is very much to do with political and media attempts to contest, manipulate and leverage the public mind.

I don't presume to judge anyone nor write to promote a private sense of specialness - but I do appreciate truly sharing a free willingness. Words can indeed over over and seem to break a quality of an already intimacy of communication - it really depends on where they come from -- what purpose they embody.

Jon asks "What about efforts directed at trying to highlight the fact that man is afraid to look in his own mirror?".

I am recognizing I have (am) true choice by choosing to consciously appreciate using it and in my case, writing into the issues and event of our times with a perspective beneath the personality drama is one of the forms it takes. There is an invitation and a sharing - but not an attempt to get anyone to be who they do not want to be. Becoming aware of pain and linking to cause often allows a healing release to a more joyful quality of being. But it is possible to worship pain, sacrifice and struggle as part of a very serious sense of self. No real joy. As I see, we've been in that for Millennia. Now there is a backlog of denied hate, rage, pain and shame - a mess! But it is at root a mess arising from misidentification and false definition. When communication is restored - a breakdown in communication is a symptom without a cause - and will fall away by itself.

We meet or attract synchronicity with others who are in a sense 'sharing the same learnings'. This is true whatever our vibratory focus - but only in freedom do we freely see the Law in action.

Understanding in the heart, knows where to call the mind and when to rest it.
"Behold I make all things new" is a phrase from Revelation that applied to each and every instant of creation - when appreciated AS creation - rather than through the lens of judgement - which I might call a private sense of creation that reflects a private sense of self- and power. If our world reflects us condemned - then it is our judgement on it that we suffer. Human consciousness explored hiding the link between cause (thought and intent) - and effect (reflective experience). So much so that the physical experience seems to no longer be within us - but we seem to be within it - and defined by it and suffering it. A remarkable feat!

Setting that up was an expression of a purpose of limitation and segregation that actively forgets. At some point we shift to a different purpose and can no longer live that 'self' and wholly believe it - or maintain it. And so like a pupating transformation - we shift from our thinking to feel (wordlessly know) more and reintegrate rather than segregate. The ego still thinks it runs the show of transforming, working on or releasing itself - but that never was so. Purpose operates from a prior 'level'. Know your active purpose and you know your will - be it free or denied - but if you know you are denied - you are free to question "Is That So?" - and "In what way am I denied?".

There is nothing that gets in the way of learning what we are willing to know - because 'obstruction' and 'block' is really PART OF the relevant learning and not an imposition or violation - unless you choose to define it so. And if you do - then what do you get out of that? There's always a payoff or a believed payoff for behaviours. If it doesn't show true when examined - it undoes the 'block' or the habit to a choice that is free to evolve or change.

I wanted to illuminate a practicality of enquiry within the ordinary moment of our living - rather than a separate spirituality that is then presumed to be something to then 'apply' or hold onto when life dances with us and the concepts don't really hold water.

Awareness rises of itself when we stop pushing it down!

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