Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Beware the fascination with conflict, evil and horror

This is a bit late getting blogged here but the theme of my response is not old news.

Finger pointing: Obama blames UK and other European states for post-Gaddafi Libya 'mess'
You don't have to read that to get the gist of this - which addresses the gap and disconnect between who we present ourselves to be - to ourself - and who we present ourselves to be, to others and the disconnect of a mask to any clear communicative ability.

Such is the nature and the gap between conscious presentation, and undercurrent realities - and the disconnect of both of those in relation what truly Is.

In this world there is the instance of a hypnotized or otherwise traumatized and reconstructed 'mind-control' subject - who operates a specific personality aspect while carrying the latency of other personality aspects that can be triggered by specific instructions.

This is a replica of what human consciousness already is - in its fragmented and conflicted sense of split off personae masking undercurrent guilt and fear of pain or loss.

Everyone Else can see what the US - which is itself a puppet of powerful cartels and lobbies - is up to but those who spin in their own narrative. They thus seem to be evil or at least liars who speak freedom while denying it to others. But if one reacts to them - or anyone in such a situation - from a self righteous attack upon them - they find reinforcement in their own narrative spin by seeing such a one as 'threat' - instead of a messenger or valuable feedback.

The primary Imprinting that is undercurrent to human consciousness and relationships was traumatic and involves mis-identifications or partial truths taken as exclusively true. We each and all carry different and dynamically related 'fragments' of such Imprinting.

Some of us are less heavily invested or identified in the fear-driven 'survival' mentality that is triggered to re-enact its past without recognition or perspective on that this is happening, and because we have moments of such awareness we also grow a capacity to 'heal the gap' by truly embracing emotional honesty rather than being run by denied emotional energy aka unconsciously compromised narrative.

Accepting healing (rather than merely associating with rationalities or modalities about healing) opens a quality of presence and communication that operates directly to a wholeness of being whilst finding the forms that willingness allows.

The primary diversion from prior wholeness is a self-rejection projected away onto Other. The force of this is the force of a self hate that has been misidentified or 'split off from'. We recognize the vibrational nature of what is moving by its resonance in ourself - if we are aligned and opened in our feeling of discernment. Denial evokes a like reaction. Becoming conscious of or noticing what is happening 'in our name' is a step to uncovering our own trigger-points. This is similar to finding back-doors or trojans by which we are hacked, compromised and 'infected' - so as to close them and release or sweep out what does not belong. This is 'inner work' from which we meet a different outer reflection. It is not inner work to coerce or manipulate a different outcome in outer reflection.

Anyone who lives their true willingness to embrace Life rather than reactively assert a substitution of their own mind-spin is growing perspective in Everyone - as it can meet and find a like willingness that was in a sense 'waiting' on release from a falsely framed subconscious identification.

The devices of deceit can be studied as ways to empower deceit - rather than a true recognition in which Who you are stands clear because who you are not can no longer pass off as true. Truth is not a warrior - but in standing in and witnessing your core integrity - you embody it. The primary Imprinting of separation conflict and identity trauma is disguised by personae but when that disguise breaks down, what it concealed is revealed current. We have to uncover willingness within the triggered state of fear or hate by not letting them choose us - which may call for embracing the feelings without fuelling with judgement and reaction. Anger can serve inner alignment and fear can evacuate unneeded baggage. They are not in themselves negative - but what we use them - or anything - for, is what gives them the meaning they hold for us.

Beware the fascination with conflict, evil and horror. For what we give attention to we feed and attract and make welcome - regardless what our surface mind asserts.

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