Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Joining in that which is itself transformational

More Trump catalysed conversation from Daily Bell Forums:

I do not have a 'should' for others though of course I have preferences and I communicate who I prefer to be by demonstration and invitation - rather than using guilt to mask intent or coerce outcomes. I am awake enough to recognize that active definitions are where true power lies, and lies are false or incomplete foundations lived and acted from as if wholly true. So what IS politics? I see politics as our means of arriving at how, and to what degree, we organise and structure our society, and at this at root reflects our relationships. The divide and rule mentality sees politics as Them vs Us - where Us is where I feel my identity reinforced rather than threatened. It also sees hierarchically - with self-superiority and status operating at the expense of 'losers' or discards.

I feel you assign Trump a great deal of power, and greatly underestimate the globalist agenda - or even the 'mafia' readiness to protect their revenue stream. I haven't engaged in any of the personalities excepting in brief glimpses and short readings.

I look for and appreciate and join with any witnessing and willingness for Humanity - and in that sense I am political - not as an attempt to manipulate so much as joining in that which is  itself transformational. There is always more going on that meets the mind - and fearfully identified minds give all power to evils born of fear and not a lot to love - because fear is a state in which love can be forgotten and redefined in terms of masking a loveless agenda.

Fear is also a self-fulfilling prophecy. The limits to the capacity to maintain the illusion of control is also the discovery that alignment of intent and action disintegrates.

I have been conditioned to believe in the power that the world worships - but I don't worship it. I look for human willingness to feel and act from an integrity - which includes recognizing where we are at (regardless of where that is) and aligning with or leaning into integrity rather than intensifying the mask of a disintegrity. I want communication to occur - at all levels of Humanity - and if you limit communication to 'words' you will not understand much if anything I share here.

People want pleasure and they don't want pain. Without exception. But people are living through their conditioning so as to define themselves in ways that make the devil they (think they) know seem less painful or threatening than the fundamental change that really freaks them out so they choose the pain and fear and hate as the lesser 'evil'. That is why my political communication is all aimed at raising the definitions and ideas by which we live into the light. Warmongers don't want anything to come along and question or challenge THEIR right to fight evil and so nothing I can say can mean anything excepting if it got a following which would then be seen as a threat - because it draws attention and allegiance away from funding and supporting their war.

I invite you to engage in all your relationships from a place of integrity that is not manufactured artifice. Be genuine - whatever that might turn out to be. And that includes your relationships with these political players. All of which has many layers or levels to it - unless you rigidly assert that all meanings are fixed and your judgement is final! Whatever genuine is - it is definite but not pre-defined.

(On Trump's honesty)
Just watch a good movie to see how people can authentically play a role. Trump believes in Trump and in that is something refreshing because most don’t believe in anything excepting to aligning where the power and wealth dictate.
One can be honestly wrong – and then the test is whether they are willing to learn on the fly or cover the lie when it is first found not to be true.
I feel the test is not to judge another so much as to be honest to oneself and then discover what and who you meet through the heart of you.
Reagan lied through his teeth about dirty tricks and black ops and when he was exposed he said something like – my mind knew – but my heart wanted to tell you it wasn’t true. That is – he played a fatherly kind role that many Americans felt comforted and reassured by. He may have believed it too – many celebs start to believe they are who people believe them to be and feed to them.
I don’t feel to be cynical here – but nor gullible. I feel the best thing we can do for the future is to leave it open – that is – not shut it down in terms of a past made in anger.

"People seem to operate on fear"

There's the core of it all. Only I would further refine it a bit to say that a mis-identification operates through a lens of fear.

The first 'war on terror' was the attempt to cover and escape it. It was also fuelled by rage born of of powerlessness.

You know the scissor, rock and paper game? All the parts bring forth and reinforce each other in a perpetual war. Society can to some degree disguise it - but it is built into the core programming that the separate-sense mind operates in.

But your observations are the direction I celebrate seeing. We are each a model of the control mentality that we love to hate in others  - but as we notice this it shifts - because the one who notices is not the fear-based compulsion to suppress or deny the seeming chaos of creative expression - and in fact is the quality of abiding in and as the 'chaos' in a way that knows itself within its own balance rather than trying to manipulate or coerce symptoms (or others) to force an concept of balance.

It is All a matter or Perspective. Where you focus your energy and attention is up to you.
The Idea that there is One External Earth in One Linear Reality is one idea that can be held in focus. It is not the Only Idea of Earth.
Nothing can truly be outside That which is being All There Is - right where you are.
The Idea of pushing Life Out as a projection of power is a loveless definition of power - for Power extends Itself and knows itself shared.
A loveless power operates denial of Life. Be vigilant to truly know your choice. For deceit operates the mind that thinks it thinks alone.

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