Thursday, 24 March 2016

Seek you first?

The Daily Bell is a 'libertarian' investment news commentary site that attracts thoughtful or considered commentators - albeit with a tendency to blame the state for everything and identify in ideas about an ideal of freedom. This article questioned whether Trump is in fact a 'controlled opposition'. I may have written other comments in about Trump and power games - but in this I picked up on the last concluding summary of their 'advice' relative to such times as are painted so dramatically:

Quote:// Conclusion: Conserve your energy and husband your resources. Advance your personal goals and improve your professional
circumstances. Look to yourself first and the larger system second, if
at all.//

This at first seemed reasonable - even wise and kindly - but is it not the very predicate of the problem; the philosophy of elitism?

It can be read as "hold back on moving with or deny what moves you, and hold onto your private stash to use what profits you and gains power and privilege without regard for context or relationships - excepting they impinge on or support your private arena of power".

You may not intend such a meaning. I will now look at what I first took from it because of how and who I identify 'self'.

I know a lot of Americans (and others) use religious insight as weapon - but I invite looking at this phrase as a pointer that can be re-found in whatever terminology suits you.

"Seek you first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all things shall be added you".

This can be reduced to 'put first things first and all the rest follows'. Or simply 'get your priorities right'.

Obviously this phrase has not been used or appreciated in the meaning I accept or the world would be different than it is. The idea of a private authoritative and elitist self 'getting to heaven' or achieving enlightenment or Validation is deeply imprinted in human conditioning - regardless the symbols for fulfilment. It always ends in tears.

The idea of balance and alignment in Life is also one of healed communication and indeed communion; a FELT QUALITY of Being as the expanded CONTEXT of living a truly human existence. Without which is a flat or dimensionless struggle of obfuscation in which a sense of disconnect operates within a mind of judgement and control within its own narrative framing. A negative loop.

Because 'seeking' can be interpreted as if to find in some OTHER moment it may be worth using 'a willing desire to be found in' balance and alignment with what and who your truly are - rather than running as a 'self' presumption set by conditioning to think without feeling - in other words - to look only to its private thoughts and defend against or ignore anything that does not conform or fit.

I do believe we have to look to ourself first and release investment in 'systems' of thought that are not truly relational communication - though they may affect such a presentation. The capacity to Feel is the capacity to truly be with what is real- moment by moment - and we do not have such capacity within our own investments and identities as to what we define and determine real. And so we withhold or run from communication that threatens our sense of personal abiiity to control the narrative. AND the mind does this in ways it does not even notice.

It is telling to notice that your own definition of what is 'outside' or beyond self is called 'system'. For this is your world-reflecting as system of control rather than as relational communication. Yes there are systems of thought and behaviour that are part of our world experience - but beneath these are relationships. Perhaps messy, chaotic and out-of-control relationships! And is that not a large part of what power is sought to protect against? (within as without).

If we are out-of-true in ourself we meet that reflection everywhere - but having (all) learned to see what is wrong with everyone else - does such a world profit or indeed fulfil us? But if we first honour and align with what is true of us - we are then in a connected relational capacity to relate from strength and wholeness rather than distrust of mutually coded contract.
The fear of love - of real relationship - is the fear of sacrifice. Any love coming into this world meets the experience and demand for sacrifice - and forgets who it is for an adaptive mask.

The word "I" can be assigned anything within a range from a reactive subconscious reflex to the "I Am That I Am" of G-d. (If you regard the G-d term too degraded from misuse to use, just Feel the part within the double quotes).

Verbal mental concept and language itself is a set of derivative short-cuts that originally connected with direct experience that was substituted for by symbol, and basing our currency of thought on symbols of Life, is Life Itself made invisible - except to be enslaved and exploited by a worship of false thinking.

An Individual is integral to the Whole as an expression and extension OF Individuality and Indivisibility. Taking out of context is only possible in Concept - because you are as you are created to be and not as your thinking asserts you to be. However, you are free to prioritize your thinking over your relational communication - but you will then need to sell yourself for a power to deny Life and set you in in a narrative of justification - such that Life is seen as worthy of denial and denial as power to survive and prevail.

I'm not having a go at you Daily Bell. I am inviting a look at fundamental issues that can be seen to imprint themselves in every aspect of our lives. They are as hidden from our sight as any hidden power agenda - but in this arena we are free - are we not? - to open to communication.

footnote: The DB did not read this except to bracket it as 'pursuing 'spiritual' goals and fit it into their schemata of a private sense of personal determination. 'Freedom' can be defined to apply to its opposite - but that does not mean it has become what it is asserted to be.

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