Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Last Trump?

Conversations on Daily Bell Forums on Trump:

My sense is the 'government' has all the bases covered in terms of political movements. How could they not? I also sense that the political process along with the Media has long been subverted and is part of a virtual front end to maintain appearances as part of managing populations. Such intent has been engaged in the globalist agenda for a long time - and holds key influence through innumerable kinds of leverage.

What other people do not control is your consciousness - though in most cases they are confident that for all intents and purposes they do - because they can effect carrots and sticks to mould and direct your mind. Indeed the idea of identity, mind and consciousness is either something you get from external conditions or it is something prior to and in truth, independent of conditions.

I write here inviting anyone who is disturbed at the world that unfolds around them or opens up beneath where they thought the ground was, to start looking within - at the constant screen of thinking that effectively filters, interprets and determines all meanings that seem to really be 'out there' at the same time as looking out - being involved and active in whatever your life is unfolding of You.

You will also notice carrot and stick devices within your own mind that will rise to stop you looking and stop you moving with and from what you see that then shifts in meaning - because you are looking at the thoughts rather than operating from belief they are locked in or self-evident truths.

When you make the determination to be responsible for and as consciousness - you shift from struggle within presentations toward guarding from or goading outcomes, to a more present capacity to discern amidst all that is present at any given moment - what is truly relevant and resonant to who you are actively discovering yourself to be - anew and anew - rather than working off an old conditioning template you don't even know is there - or think you are free of!

What you get is your Life - now. No waiting, no hoops and hierarchical ladders to get through. Just feel the dead end of the world as it is painted and seek the place where the paint box is - which is not in a re-jigging of the same old identity.

Now it might be - though I can only feel for possibilities here - that the fear agenda or globalist power consolidation, is part of engineering outcomes that will not be what they expect at all - for the conflict with and denial of Life is so part of the identity seeking power, that it has no support or capacity to hold itself apart from what Life actually Is. This is beyond what the linear and local physical mind can imagine, approach or tolerate. But no one and no thing is actually what its exploited meanings reflect. And no matter what consensus of determinations that truth is fixed or locked down are operating - they have to pay the taxes implicit in keeping it down because illusions do not rest in or reflect truth if they are not true of you.

There are many pathways through every instant of existence and we are generally looking in our rear view mirror (the past) when we think we are perceiving the present and anticipating the future.

When a developing baby comes to term - there is not a lot of room for manoeuvre. This is not because everything has gone wrong.

Looking for hope or help or completion in purely external terms becomes a tacit refusal to look within. Paradoxically when one is willing to look within - which means pausing the control freak long enough to allow another channel of communication to rise to awareness. One the child you were and somewhere still are - knows intimately. Then live from there and appreciate your investment by true appreciation. There will be personal, family, cultural and global shifts as a result of individualities reclaiming their true sovereignty from but they will be in step with who you are accepting yourself to be - as they always have.

Your face does not cause its reflection in the mirror and the mirror does not intend to reflect your face. Have a look at your face in the mirror - if you will - and see that it reflects where you are looking from. The mind is very quick. One has to let awareness in but one may have to give the mind very simple things to do so that it calms down and doesn't interfere.

When you vote or choose not to vote - you can tune in to something you are communicating through that vote - even as writing communicates something 'between the lines'. This subtler communication is part of the Human Presence in this or any moment - and regardless what the apparent outcome seems to be - you are in receipt of what you extend - and you walk a different perspective in the world as a result.

If there is any way to 'communicate' to that which is out of communication and nose diving in its inverted beliefs - its is a match of the subtler currents aligning synchronicities that cannot be pre-planned. They seem subtle and weak to a SHOUTING MIND that has desensitized itself to its true feelings.

True feelings may at first flow a bit crazy - but they are the only residual consciousness that is not 'manufactured'. The alternative is to choose this control freakery mind that promises protection from such inner fears - but is increasingly unable to even SEEM to deliver.

The mirror is Our Reflection regardless we are willing or not to accept or recognize what we see there - through the thinking layer - or what reveals itself obvious in absence of coercive bias.

A mind in endless rehearsal for Life is a dream of a life. An observer may choose to see me typing this out as a series of predetermined consequence of already defined causes. But the writing or the form of anything is only - but not less than - the vehicle of conscious purpose. I enjoy flowing with what is resonant and relevant to me and that joy is not waiting on anyone to resonate or join with or trollshit on. I know my purpose and rest in it. Not in some static personal achievement - but as a movement of active willingness that I am learning not to shut down or be diverted from with carrot and stick.

If Trump or anything in the world disappoints - then look t who set up the appointment and notice more about how you set yourself up to 'fail'. It doesn't help being needy, when forming or opening a relationship - because you invariably attract someone with a corresponding fit - over and over again. True needs are truly felt - neediness is a mask of manipulative intent. We are all involved in a very tricky mind and our forebears often warned to be vigilant against deceit as a primary responsibility. But if you are already hacked - then there is a bit of housekeeping to do - and that may find us in similar acts in our world. We don't HAVE to skim the surface. The power to maintain and present Image is not the only way power operates in Life. Its a matter of what we give most energy and attention to - and that does include what is actually going on in our consciousness in total and not just the screen version.

Jim Johnson commented:

I am witness to the surging interest in my County. I am hugely impressed with both the intelligence and American Street-smarts that nobody will be steering our Delegates down any further paths which conflict with the original intent of our founding Constitution. I trust their future debates will expose the Hidden Hands, especially using the tools provided by such outlets as our Daily Bell.
To Jim Johnson:

There is already a shadow gov that has the power to suspend the Constitution in the event of designated emergencies. I'd say the situation is well primed now - in fact they keep lighting the fuse but it's not quite dry...
As you find truth reflected in that Constitution - Live It! When people don't live their truth, it becomes lips service or some holy symbol. But we have to live something to know it and embody it. it simply wont work by magic - for more than a brief bubble of manipulated belief.
I don't speak cynically here - I believe that both deceits and truth are illumined together - for to change the status of a believed truth to a deceit - is to become free of it and open to true information.

I see it that as the deceits are revealed as deceits - allegiance is withdrawn and they lose capacity to work as 'reality' There is a limit to how many deceits can be used to cover and hide other deceits - and there is a loss of Consciousness in the minds that subscribe to such a house of cards.

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