Wednesday, 23 March 2016

A warless world is being born - open the Silence

A world war has begun. Break the silence – John Pilger

After reading this article I wrote the following into the commentary:

I share with you in willingness:

War is propaganda ; the dictate of a 'disconnect-mind' over true willingness - embodies in sacrifice that then is called upon as proof of  'power over Life' that validates 'disconnect'  or 'refusal' of relational communication as 'power'. (We all have a 'war-mind' unless we have completely re-purposed it. It is in our earliest conditioned imprinting. It lurks just beneath the surface to be triggered over and again).

The consolidation and focusing of this 'power' that is perfected in the idea of killing and death as victory of a mind apart from the living - operates as if such an exclusive unipolar 'mind' could even seem to continue to have any existence without the Life upon which it both feeds upon by denial and yet depends on for awareness of existence.

A 'power' directing a coercive narrative founded in deceits deemed NECESSARY against a feared outcome. But truth is not a narrative form so much as true witness in true willingness.

Forms of asserted deceits hidden in or among 'truths' that are plucked out of a context of true relational communication are targeted to elicit a false sense of self-inflation, power or specialness so as to then trigger defensive survival reaction in having such a sense of 'self' threatened.

IF such propaganda succeeds in hacking into and running your mind - you will be engaged in 'identity politics' - in that you will be drawing your sense of self from what you hate and fear rather than from a true presence of willingness and witness.

Life identifies you perfectly when you free-willingly align in receiving and extending true witness. You don't have to deny anyone or anything else to be who you truly are. You simply choose wholly what you prefer without using the charge of hatred or rejection to 'empower' or validate your choice.

The 'war-mind' simply cannot conceive of or recognize relational communication UNLESS and excepting it serves a war-agenda - for it is polarized into offensive defence as its primary motivation - while what is being defended - is itself defended against any exposure or communication that may threaten its 'power' and justification to survive and prevail against a believed or feared 'evil' that is projected OUT and away from a conscious awareness in the greater fear of owning it as one's own conflicted motivation.

War is firstly an attack upon One Self - in which a self-segregation asserts a narrative mind and plays out its personae as a would-be god. There are no narrative terms for what One Self feels and knows itself to be - but our Life redeemed from loveless purpose reflects this spontaneously - in any moment of true relational willingness.

Such witnesses are no given appreciation - and a resumption and assertion of continuity of 'self power' airbrushes and redefines a narrative of diversion into distractions so that free attention is too scarce to notice and grow any Consciousness within the gapped off sense of separate 'power' over Life.

I write in willingness to be found in the movement of a life that is my willingness - but not a loveless master or slave. Living from such willingness is within the art of presence - that mind-in-presentation pre-empts from revealing itself - because the false currency can no longer be traded in and passed off as 'real' in the actual presence of Life lived and shared.

Insofar as we are invested in false identity of masking what is felt too fearful to own or express we need transitional steps of addressing such fears without demonisation, for in a sense we all trigger each other's shadow denials and communication is the first casualty to war.

There is nowhere in the world to run, hide or evade or really 'prep' for the exposure of our core separation trauma - that in a sense our narrative of a world was made to hide from - and hide in.

To arrive at the beginning and know it for the first time - is to see with new eyes. To persist in the old paradigm is to repeat the past and the war-mind - no matter how checked and balanced, operates the endless, futile and tragic repeating of a past made in anger.

"Stop the world, I want to get off!" - can be translated to mean - "pause the war of a directed narrative-mentality, I am willing to listen and Feel for what is true here".

A world born of willingness for true feeling willingness - has to pass through the 'trials and persecutions' of being 'baited' - or it is not your willingness to recognize truth first and use the mind to reflect and embody it as felt or relational word and deed.

We simply cannot understand this with our mind unless we first change our mind about our mind. Unless we expand our imaginative freedom to experience and share in 'the more' of what is here - and who we are - rather than actively deny it in loveless definitions masking behind 'acceptable' faces.

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