Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Pharmaceutical rape

Pharmaceutical rape pt.1 by Laurie Oakley

After reading the article featured in Dr David Healy's blog, I commented into its conversation:

I have been educating myself in bridging issues of integrity in observed consciousness (the only one I have ;-) with reflections in our world - of collective consciousness.  There are many destructive and deceitful arenas active within a cultivated normalcy of social invisibility that include medicalisation of our consciousness, of our body; our biology - including toxic exposures and bio-technological interventions to our environment - that themselves are symptomatic of a corruption of the currency of our thinking - such that a pervasive 'institutional' disease embodies a distorted human consciousness - socially and culturally disposed to deny and hide the true power of communication - such that any movement to embody or give witness to a true communication - in feeling and form - will not only meet suppression but which has a conditioned inhibition against being spoken or heard.
I appreciate this article. I support THAT we feel outrage where it is sane and healthy to feel it - and that use this to find communication rather than be baited or triggered into conditioned reaction - which is easily manipulated and used against us.
Trust has been established with regard to a scientific and medical establishment by which we abnegate our responsibility - our voice - our consciousness of discernment - for  external 'authorities' who likewise are conditioned to follow edicts coming from what is effectively a closed cabal of private interests that hide within our wishful worship of science as saviour, like Trojans in a wooden horse. Not that integrity in consciousness is anything but scientific in its willingness for uncovering and sharing fresh perspectives within the already true - but that dis-integrity of consciousness operates a segregative mentality - that is in a sense - held private or masked from open communication so as to engage in power over upon what would otherwise be relationship. Fantasy personae act out unconscious or denied fear and rage - with al the force of such denials.
Sooner or later, if we value consciousness of shared and felt existence, the unseen role of denial has to be addressed and I believe that addressing it politically, socially and individually is one purpose - but that to only address the external symptoms is yet to be diverted from an inner recognition of our re-integrative sanity by a hate hidden in righteousness.
The corruption of consciousness could be summarized as hate, justified and hidden beneath the masking appearance of righteousness. There is nothing new about the mind's capacity to deceive. But Culture in its true sense is our sense of worth and purpose embodied - and this is always something to rediscover anew - or else we fall asleep in forms and appearances that invite and are open to 'other' purposes of ungrounded and un-relational fantasy to usurp.
I didn't know what I would write in joining with this article in spirit - but I share a willingness to find Voice - to find ways of communicating, owning and addressing, that which a loveless and dysfunctional definition of ourselves gives rise to. This calls for a pause from what and who and where our current sense of ourself operates from. For listening within rather than reaction. Perhaps only the revealing or revisiting of traumatic imprinting will allow this willingness to listen - for who 'already knows' has no need to listen - and so operate a mind they think their own - and yet is it their consciousness of presence or is it the mask of adaptation to a 'loveless and fearful world'?

There is an underlying unifying issue in the article that I  recognize - and that is the reclaiming and voicing of the power of communication within a psuedo-culture that has been conditioned NOT to recognize it as communication - because it is already invested in issues of the denial and control of an imposed narrative upon communication, as its identity.
I don't feel to use the term rape in this context - but I see that the imposition or assertion of a deceit or coercive force is NOT a true willingness of communication and indicates a fear or hatred OF relationship itself.
So the 'power' that is enacted on the sacrifice of relational (Life) is not true power but a deceit of un-owned fear, rage and associated sense of Life-denial.
I agree that 'war on is a false framing by which futility and tragedy of perpetual war is guaranteed. (to paraphrase your sentiment!).

I feel to join with you in valuing our own individual responsibility for the language we use - so as to wake up from being conformed by it's shifting and indeterminate usage and be definite as to what we are voicing - regardless whether we uncover new information that revises anything we have said. Then we are extending our presence rather than 'just' voicing opinion. There's a different ring to presence than a presentation couched in 'acceptable' forms. If you don't feel the communication of integrity when living your own - as best you have of it - then be ware! But this is not our cultural conditioning - is it! - We are generally told to 'trust' and conform to - and not challenge or question.

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