Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Misidentifying beneath all misconception

A Waking Times article:
7 Massive Misconceptions Many Never Question


Dig deeper and find all within yourself. As long as 'THEY' are given power, the unified appreciation will be lost to a conflicted drama. Defining what would otherwise be an intimate experience, through the lens of the judgement of good and evil is to have an 'experience' of Experience - that is... a virtual spin-off.

You meet that which is correspondent with your resonance. And you meet it in terms of what you are currently and actively extending as a result of who you are accepting and defining yourself to be in relation to it - whatever and whoever that may uncover to be.

So yes, you are 'disturbed' out from what you took as real - and as your self. But don't build on fighting or controlling disturbance - embrace and expand perspective in curiosity as to what exactly is going on - without pre-framing it in terms that reinforce a fear or guilt agenda. That is the framing OF disturbance, dissonance and division.

Fables as Rich Information:
zabelisa joachim (wrote into general comments):

Don't bother with religion. I am quite happy with scientific explanations and don't care much about fables.

One day science will discover the richness of information that is encoded within us and opened or triggered by fables.
Such expansion opens beyond mapping and control in any other way - since it is already perfect communication. But while a virtual mind in 'control modality' works within a limited copy, the map works to distort and filter Reality so as to support the illusion of control.
Relation is substituted for by fixed definitions of contractual interaction. But while that is 'played out as real' the real relationship never actually went away.
Religion was corrupted, adulterated, diluted and substituted for by fig-leaf thinking. The same happened to science. The FORM of something is used out of true context to mean something else - and carry hidden agenda or bias.
One motivation for this is asserting a sense of self superiority as a result of being "more real" or "standing in truth over and against falsehood" but whatever terms it dresses up in, it is an expression of a lack of self appreciation. Competition can be fun as a game but often ends in tears.

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