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Consciousness is reflective: Control and Controlled

I was reading Jon Rapports blogs which are passionate in an appeal to free the imagination - but still framed in a sense of 'being controlled'

Here is something I commented into that conversation:

Consciousness is reflective - or rather, what is held in consciousness reflects back.
The notion of being controlled is a reflection of a control mentality.
Defending self concept rather than evolving it is a simple beginning for such a control mentality.
This control mentality may operate 'in the dark' - that is - behind a mask of 'justified anger or defence'. Such 'judgements' seem to be a one way pronouncement. It associates a form of something with a negative intent - and in the same reflective quality 'sees' deceits in the other such that regardless what the other says or does - an undercurrent of distrust keeps the option of attack handy - but concealed. It 'see' then, this hidden 'enemy' everywhere.

As the Consciousness is identified in dramatic or narrative representation - it is only able to allow a very limited trickle of distorted communication - which is filtered for threat or advantage. Only that which conforms to the self-concept is able to share.
While the drama takes on its cat and mouse action and reaction course into a more and more complex and fragmented set of denials - the need for 'control' is ever more underscored - excepting in areas that are abandoned as no-go areas that become a deadness or walled off lack of any capacity of response - because the only response left is too dangerous.
As the sense of being inundated by a wave of negative reaction rising that allows no further manouevre; as the sense of being denied and deprived the capacity to live and feel and move freely; as the various reflections and shadows ripen to crises from which no further holding back or control over is possible...the original separation trauma that was sough to be escaped or controlled by 'self-concept' reveals itself as like a 'Beast rising out of the Deep' - And the original concept of imposing upon Creation; which is the denial of the freedom of Will in conformance to an IDEA of self then blames the WILL for seeming to be hateful, evil, deceitful - when all along it is the core definitions defended against change in the false belief that God is a Static Perfection! That self-concept is to be an immutable - from which all else shall order and align itself.

In short, we kill ourself in complex shadow manoeuvres that guilt acting through fear triggers into act UNCONSCIOUSLY - and resumes a hindsight view to fit the continuity of self-narrative. This mind is legion - whilst attempting to consolidate or unify its splits through the operation of psychological defences of denial, projection, dissociation, fragmenting with diversionary distraction operating a blindside or 'forgetting' to notice such that the persona can serve as a mask for the denial of and power over the 'unconscious' evils and terrors that have all the force of denial with which to 'attack'.

Waking up can be to a nightmare - in which REAL enquiry is entered directly because the NEED is acute and visceral. The force of NEED is the desire for healing in amongst the routine operation of the desire for vengeance. These two are mutually exclusive - so until that wakes as living insight - the nightmare intensifies in flip-flopping irreconcilables. Perhaps a negative choice exists here to choose vengeance and let healing (embrace of life) go - which collectively looks like a re-cycle of density in 'will-less-ness'. But the willingness of choosing to embrace Life has to back up from drama and re-visit and re-invision its imprinting, conditional and defences all the way back to the core beliefs that have been regarded AS Self and lived or acted and reacted FROM rather than brought out to the open in willingness for Wholing, Sanity and a true Peace in which joy in life rises freely and spontaneously - Just Because! - and with no need for justification or apology.
Waking up to anything less than a felt wholeness of Communioned being is a stepping stone - and one that like every step you have ever taken - is part of the unfolding of who you truly are - even amidst the experience of what you are NOT.

If you put all your understanding and insight in terms of the world - or external actors and forces - then you are not abiding in the power in you that is prior to any interpreted experience and which is your timing and timeliness as to where and how to be in relation to anything in your life.
If you put all your wealth into 'thinking' then when the banks fail - there will be no currency of use or meaning. The banks are failing. A slow motion crash is holding open the space and time in which to accept a choice that is in us to recognize and join with - regardless that fear says that without its protection you will be defenceless and meet denial and rejection - because WE KNOW what we do to a Feeling Will - and have joined in hate beneath attempts to mitigate the pain and subscribe to the 'human conditioning'.
But embracing Life is no dream of a life - and regardless the outer symptoms - the inner connection is a pearl beyond price. But no one else can accept for you - though they can root for you and join with that in you which is yet alive and has eyes to see and ears to hear.
Elitism is not the same as excellence. Finding a place of integrity and excellence within and growing it is not the same as competitive superiority in self-specialness. If you need losers to feel a winner - you have yet to even glimpse what true worth is. Uniqueness is 'God-given' or innate - because you are the only you there is - and this becomes a unique gift when our presence illumines from within - be that happy or truly felt sad - it is the transparency to Life that communicates the true of you, not ever more subtle capacity to mimic the natural and pass off as if it was you - and thus feel isolated and invisible (or superior and powerful if that is your spin).

I'm writing her in resonance with Jon - regardless he uses different words and stories to communicate a core realisation. The words don't communicate the living fact - and taking the words as if the fact is the old error of identifying in concept as if to control a relational outcome.

Here is something else I put in to one of Jon's Blog comments:

Beware of hindsight that suggests ignorance was bliss – for it was NOT – it was whatever occupied you to the exclusion of a perspective in which the feeling of being – even in dissonance – holds the call to wake. Don’t stop at disillusionment as if that is not also an illusion. Why not exchange the false clarity and critical light of hindsight for Compassionate acceptance? -For what is denied must restate itself in terms of denial until owned and resolved within our consciousness.
One more thing: the ego is not the power to Imagine so much as the power to limit and focus attention in specific framing. By staying on focus with what is resonant and relevant to who you truly feel and ACCEPT yourself to be – the ego serves Living purpose that communicates through the ‘Spirit Channel’ of Imagination in whatever ways work for You.
A disconnected sense of imagined power is the sense of being disconnected from Imaginative Freedom. Thus the ‘freedom’ to avoid responsibility in relationship rides roughshod over others to ‘get a private fantasy fulfilment’. But freedom TO relate as the presence you are uncovering to Be – is a Gift that Relationships open and share. But note a real relating can be lost to the concept of a relationship. Concepts operate fixed linear and exclusive identity – IF one is drawn to identify in ego rather than with what comes through the channel – so to speak.

From Qu├ębec says into the theme of Creative Imagination:
How does the Individual power work in a thermonuclear WW3?

I responded:

It attracts such manifestation by personal focus – which operates a parallel reality line in which your will is done on Earth – but not in ‘Heaven’ that is it is not yet a balanced true willing of the synchronicity and alignment of Heaven and Earth as One.
Birds of a feather flock together – and as you choose to ‘tune in’ so do you receive the channel of your choice. you may think you are taking ‘everyone with you’ and that experience too is your ‘choice’ and not anyone else’s choice.
In my timeline, you woke up to the absurdity of what you had gotten your ‘head’ into and allowed yourself to believe that your negative judgements did not in fact hold all power in Heaven and Earth – and left a bit of room for Imagination to shift you in the nick of time.
In an alternative timeline you disappeared one way or another.
One way is to a see a fleet of buses leaving a terminus and for a long time you have been able to be in many of these – flipping in and out of different ‘channels’ or frequencies of experience – but now they are prismed to separate into distinct parallel ‘realities that become harder and soon impossible to shift between for a nother epoch or so. Therefore – check in with yourself that you are in FACT on the bus that you prefer – because if you like whining and complaining that THEY took your power away – then that is the world you have accepted into your asserted limitations of Imagination.

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